22 June 2020

Rabbi Kessin: American Upheaval, Protests and the Messianic Process

21st Century #55 | The American Upheaval, the Widespread Protests, and the Messianic Process

As usual the Rabbi has a unique perspective, and links many things to produce a cohesive analysis. I was waiting to hear his completion of his statement on COVID-19, that it was going to disappear, but somehow didn’t have time to get back to that. I hope he covers it in a soon to appear video. Comments were not activated.

A Sign of Tragedy for Tel Aviv? Woe to Tel Aviv!

Challenging rabbinate, Tel Aviv allows same-sex couples to register as married
Mayor announces change of policy, which enables all to declare relationship and enjoy city benefits, including tax breaks. timesofisrael and arutzsheva

The Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality will recognize same-sex, interfaith and other couples who are not eligible to be married by the state’s religious authorities. Those couples who live together will be allowed to register their relationship with a statement to the city. They will be eligible for municipal benefits, including housing tax discounts, and easier enrollment of their children into public daycares and schools. Tel Aviv-Jaffa Mayor Ron Huldai made the announcement, in honor of the city’s Pride Week, on Sunday.

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