15 June 2020

"Hell hath no Fury, like a Woman Scorn’d"

The North's newly-appointed highest ranking female official threatened to "annihilate" her southern neighbor, completely cutting of ties.

North Korea breaks off deal with South, threatens military action

[Following a short interlude during which some military experts claimed North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had either been badly hurt or dead after a botched missile test] Kim's influential younger sister Chung Eui-yong, recently appointed to one of the leading roles in the government, threatened to annihilate neighboring South Korea.

did she blame South Korea for the slander against her brother?

With reports of the "Supreme Leader" experiencing some level of health issues, Eui-yong has taken on the highest position of any woman in the hermit kingdom and is seen as next-in-line were something to happen to Kim. She has also been charged with overseeing relations with S. Korea—by far the most important diplomatic role in the current administration.

Last week, Eui-yong threatened to break off a military cooperation pact between the two countries singed [signed] in wake of President Trump's monumental summit with Kim two years ago in which the two pledged to work towards disarmament of the Korean peninsula and resuming diplomatic ties with the West.

;…] Eui-yong followed that up with more serious threats. "If I drop a hint of our next plan the South Korean authorities are anxious about, the right to taking the next action against the enemy will be entrusted to the General Staff of our army," she stated. "Our army, too, will determine something for cooling down our people's resentment and surely carry out it, I believe," she continued. […]  arutzsheva

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