19 June 2020

Welcome to Chelm, Far Behind The Looking Glass

The Erev Rav have eaten the “tainted wheat”. 

The inhabitants of Chelm have taken over Israel 

The Chelmites dont know what sovereignty is!
The Israel Forever – San Remo gave sovereignty of the Land to the Jews, but Chelmites know no reason.

HKB”H gave their Land as an inheritance to their Patriarch Yaakov
But the Chelmites spurn their inheritance
And turn their defiant and corrupt backs on history

The Chelmites would give away their land, homes, wineries, ancient artifacts to those who profess to wanting to eliminate them from the face of the earth. 

Why are they giving away their life and life’s work to their enemies?

The Chelmites think that if they hide behind masks they will defeat the ‘tainted wheat’, they only make one sicker and more delirious.

And the Chelmites believe ‘ventilators’ will be life-saving, instead of ‘those’ little life-saving game-changer’ pills that knock out that ‘tainted wheat’ faster than one can say antidisestablishmentarianism!

Woe to the innocent rightful inheritors!

We in Eretz Yisrael are not protected from the madness of the ruling minority. The Erev Rav are becoming insane, not being able to know life-saving measures, and in their madness are ‘lock in step’ with the evil ones of the world!

Rabbi Anava, I believe, senses foreboding and has begun a 40 day endeavor, asking others to join in undoing the sin of the cheit hameraglim, in order to sweeten the coming events. We cannot ignore ALL the warnings. Time is of the essence and only those that cling to HaShem tightly will survive. The climate in the world smells of war. Woe to America.


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