18 June 2020

URGENT Kever Rochel, Yosef’s Tomb, Tomb of the Patriarchs . . .Left Out of Sovereignty Plan? GONE??

Judaism's holiest sites to be left out of sovereignty plan??
Rachel's Tomb, Tomb of Patriarchs and Joseph's Tomb may be left out of sovereignty map.
Dagan: 'We can't abandon our holy places. arutzsheva
It appears as if Joseph's Tomb, Tomb of the Patriarchs, and Rachel's Tomb—holy places which generations of Jews dreamed of seeing with their own eyes one day, may end up outside Israel's sovereignty.

Rachel's Tomb (Jacob's wife and the mother of Joseph and Benjamin), including old photos.

Samaria Regional Council Head Yossi Dagan said it was a mistake Jew around the world would never forgive. "It's something we can't—and won't accept," he proclaimed.

"The holiest places in the Jewish faith can't be abandoned by a right-wing government or any Israeli government for that matter. This is the rejection of the most fundamental principles of the Jewish people's return to their homeland. Rachel's Tomb, Joseph's Tomb and Tomb of the Patriarchs will not be abandoned.”

circa 1868 

Dagan said the current outline presented a problem for all settlement blocs. "The truth must come out: If Netanyahu draws that leaving out Elon Moreh, he is, in fact, giving up on Elon Moreh. When you have 19 isolated settlements, it looks like a second disengagement," he reflected.

Dagan mentioned 19 settlements that, according to information obtained by heads of the YESHA Council, will be secluded within PA-controlled territory following the application of sovereignty: Itamar, Yitzhar, Elon Moreh, Har Bracha, Mevo Dotan and Homesh.

Dagan also stated that leaving isolated settlements endangers both the life of local residents and Israel's capacity to defend itself, as most of these communities are situated on the high hills overlooking the coastal plain.

"Not only would this be the second disengagement," said Dagan, "but it would also bear the same consequences," he asserted. Only the missiles will fall on Tel Aviv instead of the South and Israel will no longer be able to defend its borders. Such a move would be irresponsible and I expect the Prime Minister to reject it outright and not allow the State's most vital interests to be harmed."

For the past three weeks, the Samaria Regional Council has been leading a campaign to apply sovereignty without establishing a terrorist state and creating isolated settlement blocs. According to Dagan, "Sovereignty can be applied even without agreement on the part of the US. Trump may condemn us but won't hurt our interests because he is a friend of Israel's and friends need to understand that sometimes disagreements arise. Certainly at a time like this six months prior to elections with his support base dominated by Evangelicals, [he will allow it to take place]."

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moshe said...

Very bothersome when everyone overlooks the fact that Herod himself was not Jewish but converted only when he had usurped the throne. He was originally a Roman slave. He murdered the Sages of Israel and left only one Sage, Ben Buta, whom he blinded. He later had some remorse and asked Ben Buta how he could rectify what he did and the Sage told him that he should renovate the Temple. He went to the greatest expense and built a beautiful edifice which was described as the most beautiful. He had married into the Chasmanoim dynasty (who also had no rights to the throne; they were kohanim) and was able to usurp the throne. He also renovated the Maarat Hamachpeila.