10 June 2020


Remember the recent passionate demonstrations of remorse and solidarity by Blacks in the wake of anti-Semitic Black murders of Jews a few months ago?
Neither do I.

Well, even if Blacks do not demonstrate and renounce the murder of multiple Jews by Blacks it certainly is no reason for Jews not to do the right thing, When a White Gentile kills a Black, Jews must swear loyalty to their Black neighbors, even as Jewish property and synagogues are targeted and threatened by the BLM and their cohorts of haters. Jews must sympathize with their tormentors. It's a Jewish thing.

Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn never saw anything like it before; A Jewish demonstration, orchestrated and led by a single Black man. The Jewish crowd responded in time to his chants and slogans as he orchestrated them with his bull horn.

Remember when Jews marched for Black rights in the sixties? How many Jewish crusaders for Black rights paid with their lives for their heroic efforts?

Did the mobilization then of the Jewish community and sacrifice made by them engender more or less sympathy towards Jews in America and towards the Jewish state?

The answer is less.
Far less And it has been downhill since.

You might think that after being spurned and defamed by those very people who benefited from their unique stand and sacrifice, Jews would reconsider their priorities and look inward to consider how best to help their own, as do all other groups.

Jews might have decided to concentrate on trifles like trying to prevent the disappearance of a rapidly assimilating Jewish community by subsidizing Jewish very expensive education, out of reach for many Jews. This goal however was not only not considered as worthy but it is a source of embarrassment for most Liberal Jews in America today. They just want to melt in. They desperately want to secure their place in the game of musical chairs. They don't want to be left out. Whatever the price of acceptance.

The Jews who followed the Black pied piper on Ocean Parkway were doing their best to be accepted; nay, even to receive some level of toleration. What better classic Jewish cause is there than to mobilize for a group that exhibits increasing systemic animus towards them since the 1960s until today?

In the 1970's I still lived in NY. I had a business in which I was to encourage (many Black) churches to visit Israel and so I had occasion to speak with many community leaders and clergy.

One particular meeting is still vivid. I was invited to a Black church in Harlem. It did not take long to conclude that my long trek from Brooklyn had been in vain. He told me that he would not bring his church to Israel because it was a racist country. Israel did not accept the "Black Hebrews" cult from Chicago as Jews.

This accusation led to a discussion that touched a number of nerves on both sides.

I asked him why is it that the Jews are disliked by the Black community after all that the Jews singularly did for them in the Civil Rights struggle? He said that the Jews simply use Blacks for their political and economic gain; they are selfish and conniving.

The long trip from Brooklyn it turns out was worth it. I realized things that I might not have otherwise understood.

Why are the Poles, Italians, Irish, and other ethnic minorities of America not as targeted by the Blacks as are the Jews?

Simple; they never tried to save them.

Blacks may not like the other minorities but I am certain they do not scorn them as they do the Jews.

But alas the march goes on.

If I were to advise my Jewish brothers and sisters on Ocean Parkway who followed the Black pied piper, I would urge them to organize another march quickly, straight to the airport.

Come home already!

Those are not your problems Let them solve their problems by themselves.
Don't worry, we have problems for you in Israel.
And they are your problems

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moshe said...

The simple answer is that after 2000 years of galut, most Jews have abandoned Torah and G-D and also absorbed a galut mentality. Why is it that they don't return to H' and His Torah, a nation that dwells alone and yearn with all their souls for the Geulah; because they have been so indoctrinated by the cultures of others, they have forgotten who and why they are. Shameful!