10 July 2018

Zurich Haredi Jewish School to Close


Education Ministry inspectors found teachers and school officials heavily censoring books and pictures, deleting references to reproduction and child protection helpline contact details.

Separately, a state-funded Jewish school in the United Kingdom has been termed inadequate after Education Ministry inspectors found teachers and school officials heavily censoring books and pictures, deleting references to reproduction and child protection helpline contact details. The “vast majority” of texts at the Yesodey Hatorah girls’ school in North London, where the students are haredim, have been censored, The Guardian reported last week. JPost

Meanwhile at the Yesodey Hatorah girls’ school in North London:

Recent Ofsted inspections have been very worrying for the chareidi community as inspectors seem to have overstepped their brief, seemingly determined to trample on our chinuch which has been passed down through the generations. The kehillah is beginning to worry if we are in a situation of gezeiras shmad?

Rabbanim, askanim and professional and lay leadership of Jewish schools across the country continue to put in huge amounts of time and effort to dealing with these issues. Herewith are addressed some of the kehillah’s concerns and potential solutions.

Education of our children has been our nation’s priority since receiving the Torah millennia ago. On these shores, survivors of the Nazis’ inferno prioritized above all else building the Mosdos Hachinuch in which our communities rightfully take such pride today. However, we are ever-conscious of the fact that we are still in exile and, as such, are merely sojourning in what has been a true malchus shel chessed. How long that sojourn will continue, though, may depend on the outcome of a precarious situation facing the continued purity of the chinuch of our boys and girls. 

To read interviews that have taken place in this matter, please read them here: hamodia


ME:  Trying appease OFSTED will produce a slow drip of their watering down the Proper Jewish Education of Jewish Children and ultimately produce secularized youth and young adults versed in the (unseemly ways of the new Anti-Religion Progressive Diversity Wave sweeping the world). The only way to preserve Jewish Children is to exit from under such anti-Jewish pressure. Where to go? If they came to Eretz Yisrael they could open their own schools and bring the defense of Yiddishkeit onto Jewish soil.

"Hasidic leader in London says government demands that Jewish schools teach about gay marriage will force Orthodox Jews to leave Britain.”  arutzsheva

*  *  *  *
Under the Torah concept of Measure for Measure:

Could it be that, what is described in this video, is exposing a situation about the true safety of some UK Jewish Children? Jewish Children are the future of Judaism. If abused, they will leave Judaism. And maybe because of this, there has taken place a whiplash intervention into the Jewish Religious School system?
*  *  *  *

A recent Point of View Article by Rabbi Moshe Grylak, entitled Who’s The Father Here?, in which Rabbi Grylak wrote about a painful scene that he witnessed recently (in Bnei Brak):

“A father and son were walking in front of me, the father dressed like a typical yungerman and the son, who couldn’t have been more than six or seven, wearing Shabbos clothes. Every few minutes, the father’s hand came down on the boy’s neck, and before this poor little fellow had a chance to recover, he was given a swat on his rear. . . . a blow to the neck, a potch on the behind, repeat. It was quite obvious that the child was struggling with all his internal strength not to burst out crying, his tear-filled eyes darting nervously around, checking to see if anyone was witness to his humiliation — and maybe, also, as a silent plea for help.”

And Rabbi Grylak continues with a story:

“Permit me to share with you the following: A cheder rebbi from Bnei Brak once brought his class to be tested by Rav Aharon Leib Steinman ztz”l.

“After the farher, Rav Aharon Leib called the rebbi aside and said, ‘When children go to an elderly Yid to be tested, the mothers customarily dress their youngsters in their Shabbos best. I noticed that two boys here are wearing Shabbos clothes but have torn shoes. Take 200 shekels and buy them new shoes. But do it discreetly, so that no one should be ashamed.’ Rav Aharon Leib added, ‘And another thing. Another boy here stutters and gets all flustered when tested. Try not to test him in front of everyone, or maybe just give him a written test.’

What do we make of this situation?

Knife-wielding man attacks Jewish family. Man brandishing knife, shouting anti-Semitic curses chases Orthodox Jewish family on way to synagogue.  Suspect released after questioning. 

?RELEASED AFTER QUESTIONING? Why? So he can do it again, but this time cause ….? When (the) would-be victims fled, the attacker chased after them, hurling anti-Semitic curses as he pursued them. arutzsheva 

MAYBE ZURICH is not the right place for Torah Observant Jews!

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Anonymous said...

Neshama: Just wanted to let you know that I think your blog is one of the best, if not the best. Love your posts and your take on them. Keep it up and big yasher koach to you.

We are now witnessing the global agenda right in your face with their educational coercion, even in religious institutions. H' is making it clear to all Jews, who can, to come home. Sadly, while the Erev Rav are in control in E.Y., they are part of this wicked agenda also. We pray that the religious Jewish population will become the majority so the power of the left will be gone in Eretz HaKodesh.
Also, sadly there are those amongst the 'religious' who are also erev rav.

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