02 July 2018

Before Mashiach Comes the Erev Rav Will be Everywhere but Their End Will be the Worst in History


Regardless of the title of this Shiur the most important part begins at the 49-50 min mark Rabbi Mizrachi goes on about the Erev Rav, they will be everywhere, and what will be their end. Their end would be the worst end you can imagine, the worst in history. It is written in the Gemora what will happen. “NO DOUBT” if they had the opportunity to get rid of all the Bachuri Yeshiva they would do it, “no doubt”. In one second they would eliminate all the Yeshivot, the Talmudim. And that’s not all. The Rabbi goes on and on about the government, and the 250,000 in the ‘Parade’ in Tel Aviv. *"What, is every other person gay?”

About 49-50 min into the shiur Rabbi Mizrachi was “on fire”.

Hundreds of Thousand of Palestinians are Jewish by Halacha, and Hundreds of Thousands of Israelis according to the Torah are Goyim.

And this is even before Rabbi Mizrachi saw this ad in the Weekend Jerusalem Post of Parshas Balak and Bilaam (who slept with his donkey):

and the future of
It’s About Much More Than S-x.
This groundbreaking discussion will explore how
an ancient religion ultimately responds to the modern world
and we can navigate the conflict between traditional prohibitions
and the reality of people’s personal experience
as well as between loyalty to a way of life
and the question of fairness and equality for
every human being.
Held at the Hartman Institute, Jerusalem

*As one woman told me how her female relative is marrying another female, and they explained to her that NOW we are living NOW in the "modern world" and 50% will be straight and 50% will be gay.  This is against the Torah and the laws of G–D, beside being not the natural way how G–D created people. One needs to be careful and select their friends and acquaintances very carefully. 

No doubt the Rabbi will get a lot of feedback on this shiur.

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Opus #6 said...

May it be Hashem's will that Rabbi Mizrachi be blessed with strength and health and long life to continue to say what needs to be said to this generations.