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05 July 2018

Nahal Gerar Burning at Night

"Oy my - the air choked with smoke, burns my eyes”

The nature reserves and the fields adjacent to the Gaza Strip continue to be burned to the ground as a result of the balloon fire of the Gaza Arabs. 
Elhanan Gruner

*The IDF and the Government do not Respond

Nahal Gerar burning at night (Photo: Asher Peretz Nature and Parks Authority) hakolhayehudi  

Terror The balloons and kites from the Gaza Strip continued uninterrupted, and this morning began with three fire points near the Gaza Strip, the largest of which was a fire that broke out in the Shikma reservoir due to a Molotov cocktail.

The firefighting and rescue forces, together with KKL-JNF and the Nature and Parks Authority, and the security coordinators of the communities and the firefighters, have been working 100 days daily to extinguish fires and run from burning to burning in the communities surrounding the Gaza Strip, the nature reserves and the agricultural areas.

The IDF has not reacted significantly to the ongoing fire, and the government has so far made do with threats.

Tonight, no less than 200 dunam of land in Nahal Gerar Nature Reserve was burned down.

"Oh, my beloved Nahal Gerar, my children's," wrote Deborah, one of the Gaza envelope residents, in her Twitter account, in which she tries to arouse public opinion about what is happening in the area.

"I'm outside, the air is suffocated with smoke, burning in the eyes, in the throat ... A few more nature reserves should be burned down, and how many thousands of dunams of land should be destroyed?" "How long will we not sit still and see our land burning," she wrote The public will participate in the protest of residents of the south, which will take place today at the Sderot-Nir Am intersection

* The Government should be replaced with one that protects Israelis and the Land of Israel.

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