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30 July 2018


Again we see homes destroyed by a raging fire but NO damage to trees??


CALIFORNIA:  Carr Fire rips through Redding neighborhoods, turning homes to rubble

UPDATE TO THIS VIDEO: The huge wildfires in northern California have so far killed six people. The sixth victim to be identified in the past few hours was a civilian who did not comply with instructions from local authorities and firefighters to leave the area. arutzsheva

CALIFORNIA:  This is HUGE - Winds compounding situation - MORE fires breaking out

7/28/18 10pm Earthquake Update Dutchsinse
Professionals now adopting "GLOBAL EARTHQUAKE FORECASTING MODELS" which have been proved correct: earthquakes relating to fire outbreak

Great Quake of 2018 While the prediction was for the same timezone as the FULL 180, it may be that the Kilauea Volcanic Eruption will be the “Great Quake of 2018” unless it continues into 2019!

Hawaii Volcano Eruption Could Last for Years, Destroy New Areas
Lava erupts in Leilani Estates during ongoing eruptions of the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii, U.S., June 5, 2018. REUTERS/Terray Sylvester/File Photo Reuters (Reuters) - The eruption of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano could last for months or years and threaten new communities on the Big Island, according to a report by U.S. government geologists. A main risk is a possible change in the direction of a lava flow that would destroy more residential areas after at least 712 homes were torched and thousands of residents forced to evacuate since Kilauea began erupting on May 3, the report by the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said.

SOUTH CAROLINA:  Nuclear Watchdog Warns of Uranium Leak At South Carolina Fuel Factory

PENNSYLVANIA:  Potassium Iodide Tablets Available for Those Near Nuclear Power Plants In Pennsylvania

What They Aren't Telling You About the Coming Food Collapse
This is an interview that Sean from SGT Report and I did 10 months ago talking about the coming collapse in global grain production due to the intensifying Grand Solar Minimum. Sean's channel was recently removed by YouTube for community guidelines strikes for talking the wrong way about political beliefs and how the world really operates behind the scenes. I am hosting this conversation on my channel so you yourselves can see the type of commentary and discussion that YouTube deems so offensive that will remove it from public discussion. For some reason you are not supposed to know that CO2 isn't the main driver of Earth's climate and we are about to repeat a 400 year cycle of global cooling, starting right now.

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