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29 July 2018

The Talmud (Pesachim 50a) tells the story of Rav Yosef the son of Rabbi Joshua ben Levi

The Talmud (Pesachim 50a) tells the story of Rav Yosef the son of Rabbi Joshua ben Levi, who fell ill and was at the brink of death when his father’s prayers brought him back to life. When he came to, his father asked him: “My son, what did you see (in heaven)?” Rav Yosef replied: “I saw an upside-down world. Those who are on top here are on the bottom there; and those who are here regarded as lowly are exalted in heaven.”  (Alshich)

What is our world coming to? US Ambassador? Our world is upside down and downside up!


David Friedman, who is considered to harbor religious and conservative views, surprises LGBT leaders in Israel with invite to black tie ceremony at his private Herzliya residence to celebrate Pride Parades in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

The black tie event’s invitation says the ceremony will emphasize the Pride Parades in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

The announcement comes as a surprise to the LGBT community since Friedman is considered to subscribe to a more religious outlook and is known to hold more conservative views.

The event is scheduled to take place just over a month after the Gay Pride Parade in Tel Aviv and around three weeks before the parade in Jerusalem in August.

[JERUSALEM, AUGUST 2 from 16:30]

Tens of thousands of international tourists joined the sea of marchers, flying into Israel especially to take part in the parade.

The UK’s Ambassador to Israel, David Quarrey, joined the marchers on a London-themed float donated by the British embassy.

Cordelia Lange, from Germany, said Tel Aviv is "a very vibrant city, it's a city that embraces everything connected to gays, lesbians and LGBT and I think it's a combination of city at the beach and good vibes."

The parade concluded at the Charles Clore Park, where a number of artists performed at the gathering, including 2018 Eurovision Song Contest winner Netta Barzilai.


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Anonymous said...

What a shanda! What a disgrace! With kipa - how can these people really have yirat Shamayim? They don't! It is only the the kindness and mercy of H' that the world still stands.

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