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08 July 2018

An Isolated Nation Among the World’s Nations – SEE UPDATES

An Isolated Nation Among the World’s Nation

During these days there are so many deaths from “accidents”: bus, car, fallings, stabbings, in addition to all the diseases; earthquakes, floods, fire, etc.

Hashem is sending us ‘signals’. Most people see it as part of nature.

This is Kefira.

Speaking of Signals, Measure for Measure: 

Could it be that in response to leading Jews away from Halachic Judaism, and permitting intermarriage with non-Jews, producing children and generations of children not born to a Jewish mother purporting that these generations are Jewish, but they are not (converts) according to Halacha, and that this catastrophe divides the Jewish Nation; therefore, could the following actually be a warning: 

Haredi MK Azoulay blames earthquake on Western Wall plan; and tells Reform, Conservative to build their own Western Wall in the US, says Western Wall plan caused earthquakes.

And that the earthquakes are continuing, UPDATE: Minor earthquake 3.2 again shakes Sea of Galilee 3:19 PM TODAY Sunday. timesofisrael. Israel's Geophysical Institute says temblor measuring around 3 on the Richter scale was felt in northern Israel. Just after 4:40 p.m. local time, an earthquake measuring 3.9 on the Richter scale was felt in the Tiberias area near Lake Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee). Sunday afternoon’s earthquake is the fifth since a pair of tremors, measuring 4.1 and 4.3, were felt on Wednesday and Thursday. arutzshuva 
* * * *

Despite incomplete lineup, Western Wall committee convenes
Cmmttee responsible for approving construction at mixed gender plaza meets despite resignation of another member, but no decision expected.

"In his letter of resignation, Azulai explained that he had made the decision "in view of the statements made by the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Culture that they cannot support the Ministerial Committee in a decision that will allow the establishment of a new area for mixed prayer of men and women not in accordance with Jewish law and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, and in view of your decision to transfer the authority of the minister members of the committee to a new and specific composition in order to obtain a majority for the establishment of a new plaza designed to convene a mix of men and women not according to Jewish law and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel at the Western Wall.

As such, he said, “I concluded that a decision has already been made before the committee has convened, and before the relevant considerations have been considered, and this is nothing but paying lip service. I am not willing to lie in my soul and be a partner to such a move," Azulai said."

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Anonymous said...

A Yasher Koach to MK Azoulai for standing up for H' and Torah and not to the erev rav sitting in power. Allowing all this chilulim to continue sets a precedent and G-D knows what else can come after. The pm is responsible along with all those participating in the desecrations in Eretz Hakodesh; it has lost its sovereignty and now goes along with the world view of G-Dlessness. May H' have mercy & protect the innocent because once His Wrath is unleashed, we do not know what to expect.

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