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10 July 2018

Japan Suffering From Continuous Rain and Flooding/Landslides TWO MILLION EVACUATED


Japan Suffering From Continuous Rain and Flooding/Landslides

The Watchman's Report #3 Sunday July 8 - CAT 6 Hurricane? - Heatwave Causes Power Outages

Huge Middle East Dust Storm moving westward
Solar Minimum: Increased Earthquake and Volcanic Activity
[Could this be Iron Oxide from NIBIRU?]



IsraAID sends help after severe floods left many stranded travelers and residents, including Israelis.

Over two million people were ordered to evacuate their homes during the search and rescue efforts. There are 95 reported fatalities and dozens are still missing. According to reports from IsraAID this is one of the worst weather-related catastrophes since the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

The severe floods have left many stranded travelers and residents, including Israelis.

One such Israeli, Dana Eisenberg, said "people walked around five streets just to cross the road. I was already soaked in water so I crossed the road in that river. People in cars looked at me with admiration for my 'courage.' I almost fell into the water, because the current was too strong."

Yifat Elyashar, a Japanese pottery master who lives in Kyoto for a sabbatical year describes the scene: "It's raging, the river is overflowing, there are traffic jams all over the city, and the JR train stopped, just let them out, we have a bus tomorrow to Tokyo to return to Israel, and I hope it will work out. There are constant alarms, like the ones in Israel [when there is a rocket].Oh God in heaven, walking from the Kyoto Station would be faster.”

2 Million Evacuated! Flash floods in Japan 2018.
This is the present situation of Okayama, At least 64 killed, 70 missing as torrential rain pounds western and central Japan.

West Japan recordable heavy rain damage Okayama prefecture, Takahashi City, Kurashiki City, and Mamoru- cho. [FOBOS PLANET]

It is about 1.5 kilometers from the collapse point. Water was drawn around this morning on the 8th morning, but a lot of people were left behind in the hospital, rescue activities by boat and helicopter are continuing now. Approximately 300 people, including patients and residents in the vicinity, are left behind in "Mobi Memorial Hospital" in the center of the flooded area. We are preferentially rescuing small children and babies. In the Mitsui district of Kurashiki city, two embankments collapsed in the Odagawa, a tributary of the Takagaki River, and about 1,200 hectares were flooded. According to Okayama prefecture, it seems that more than 1,000 people are isolated in this district, but in the disaster headquarters in Kurashiki city the damage is too big and we cannot grasp the whole picture.

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Devorah said...

I had to drive out through the countryside today, and as I saw all the brown parched land, I thought that our rain has gone to Japan. But Australia often has droughts, so it's not really anything new here, but it would be nice if a big wind blew some of that rain over here.


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