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01 July 2018


The Missed Opportunity of the Century: 

Netanyahu is secretly pushing for the surrender of neighborhoods in northern and eastern Jerusalem

The outlines of the American Deal of the Century explain why the cabinet decision on normalizing the outposts was torpedoed: Netanyahu is enabling a vacuum to exist so that it will be possible to transfer most of the area to the Palestinians
[the Erev Rav are diabolical traitors: The Erev Rav delay the redemption much more than all the nations of the World” (Raaya Mehemna-Sefer Ha Zohar)]

More than a year ago, on the 21st of May, 2017, the policy-security cabinet made a decision which has just now been revealed.

It is entitled "Establishing a dedicated task force for the normalization of buildings and neighbor-hoods in Judea and Samaria". This is a code name for two dramatic problems that were created by Likud governments. Problems that threaten the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria and make it impossible for the communities in Judea and Samaria to be the key to thwarting the establishment of a Palestinian state.

The task force was supposed to remove obstacles to the settlement enterprise that were intentionally put in place and to normalize what is deceptively defined as "illegal outposts" and kill the judicial monster that has delegitimized many legal structures in communities of Judea and Samaria.

And now, although more than a year has elapsed, the task force has done almost nothing. Actually, it still has not even completed establishing itself. Someone in the top echelon of the government is preventing its organization and activity. Someone who does not want these problems to be solved, does not want the settlement enterprise to gain strength and does not want to establish irreversible facts on the ground.

And here is another important point: the cabinet decision was taken after the Trump administration agreed to it. In the same meeting it was decided in the same breath to swallow a bitter pill: to develop the communities only close to the line of existing houses, but at the same time, to normalize those that have been strangled for many years. All according to the agreement with Washington.

And despite the green light from the White House, particularly in Jerusalem, a bright red light was lit. The government task force, with a budget of 5 million shekels per year, was supposed to report to the prime minister and the minister of defense every three months on how its work was progressing and finish all of the work within three years. However, it took almost a year to appoint a manager, Pinhas Wallerstein, and Wallerstein is obstructed and strangled through budgets and regulations so that no progress will be made, so that he will fail. This is Netanyahu's well-known formula: not to refuse, rather just disintegrate the work.

It is important to understand the ramifications of this: a significant number of what is defined as illegal outposts were actually established by the government, which was also noted in Talia Sasson's hostile report. These are expansions of communities or new communities that were established after the Oslo Accords in strategic places to prevent a battle over the land. Thus, for example, in the northern section of Binyamin, the line between Eli and Shiloh to the Jordan Valley forms a layer of Jewish contiguity. It is the same thing for the Itamar hills in Samaria that descend to the Valley.

These areas of Jewish contiguity play a key role in disrupting the Arab holdings and preventing the establishment of a hostile Palestinian state. These communities were artificially prevented from being normalized, with the intention of leaving the door open for a Palestinian state to take over the entire area of Judea and Samaria. The work of the task force has simple humanitarian significance too. People bought homes with good money, homes were bought with the government's agreement and were connected to water and electricity by government agencies. But then, one day, they declare that these homes are all of sudden not legal, that they have been removed from within the Blue Line – from the legitimate area for Jewish habitation. So their homes are in danger of being demolished and they are in limbo in any case. There are those who have gone bankrupt as a result, there are couples who have divorced and cannot sell their home to turn the property that they bought in good faith, into cash. This is just cruel.

In any case, the one preventing the execution of the cabinet decision is attempting, practically, to assure that the option of a Palestinian state remains open. That same person is also responsible for preventing the establishment of the Givat Hamatos neighborhood in Jerusalem, a neighborhood south of the city, which has received all of the necessary permits and approvals and is critically important to the capital city. But the Palestinians and foreign elements object to its being established because they want to create an Arab contiguity from Beit Lehem and Hevron to Abu Dis and Ramallah in the place that is designated for the Jewish neighborhood's location. Contiguity for a Palestinian state. And the person who is preventing the establishment of the neighborhood is the prime minister, just as he prevented awarding the building and planning permits for Jerusalem neighborhoods over the Green Line. Just as he is torpedoing the progress of E1 between Jerusalem and Ma'ale Adumim. All for the same reason.

A deep investigation into the Israeli position according to the American "Deal of the Century" explains everything. The outlines of the plan that have been leaked until this point prove that it is more Benjamin Netanyahu's plan than Donald Trump's plan. The outlines are built on what Netanyahu calls a "Palestinian state minus": establishing a Palestinian capital in Jerusalem, in some of our capital's neighborhoods. This is why Netanyahu secretly pushes for surrendering at least four neighborhoods north and east of the city; see MK Anat Berko's plan. The outlines are also built on the transfer of 10% of the area of Judea and Samaria to Israeli sovereignty and Israeli control of security in the Jordan Valley and the military bases in Judea and Samaria.

In light of this context we can now consider the cabinet decision regarding the outpost task force, alongside the prevention of building in Givat Hamatos and the obstruction of building Jerusalem. Netanyahu is leaving a vacuum on purpose in order to allow the transfer of most of the area to the Palestinians.

The Prime Minister is called to Order

After the Bar-Ilan speech, those close to Netanyahu hinted that he was playing a sophisticated game. He said "yes" so that the Palestinians would say "no", hoping to avoid a scolding by Barack Obama. This really did not help, but his statement agreeing to a Palestinian state has tarnished the entire Right. Now they are again whispering that he will say "yes, but" to Trump's "Deal of the Century", and for the same reasons.

To speak of the transfer of Jerusalem, Beit-El and Hevron is a very bad position by itself. It is similar to a husband's position when receiving an offer to buy his wife for 100 thousand shekels and answers "yes, but only for a million". Even if the feasibility of the obscene deal is low, his answer actually reveals the husband to be a faithless pimp. Especially since he is careful not to touch his wife in order to maintain the option to raise the price.

But even worse, to claim that Netanyahu does not really mean to say 'yes' is to mock those who heard him and voted for him. Netanyahu claimed this week that the news' publications against him is an attack on the Rightist camp and religious people. But if the head of the Likud was interested in quietly promoting the positions of the Right camp, which he is trying to enlist in the fight against those who accuse him of corruption, he would not have torpedoed the cabinet's decision, which had received prior American approval.

Actually, Netanyahu is purposely missing out on an historic opportunity that has occurred since Trump has taken office. Since last November we have had a true friend in the White House who is untouched by the traditional concepts held by the global Left. Someone who is supported by tens of millions of voters who could easily have registered as members of Likud or the Jewish Home. At the same time, the Palestinians have succeeded in alienating themselves from Trump and his surroundings, providing us with a golden opportunity to form a basis for a new reality. Under these circumstances, if Netanyahu had only wanted to do so, he could have implemented that for which he and the heads of his party have been clamoring for years. To put an end to the historic, bloody mistake that is the Oslo Accords, to overthrow the Palestinian Authority and annex Area C.

Netanyahu talks the talk of the Right, but walks the walk of the Left. He is now missing the opportunity of the century. And it is strange that those around him, in the party and the coalition, do not call him to order. This week, MK Yoav Kish of the Likud convened a meeting in the Knesset on the matter of the cabinet decision and the outpost task force. But if he really wants to have results, he must turn to the right address: he must summon the prime minister and call him to order.

* Nadav Haetzni Maariv June 29th 2018 Translated into English by Sally Zahav (eli7@womeningreen.org.il)
Read: The Modern Erev Rav


I fear a catastrophe could come from this atrocity. 
How can we prevent this in the first place?
We need to ‘storm the gates of Shamayim’ with tearful pleas.


Devorah Chayah said...

Netanyahu is now and always has been a snake. Never forget it!

Dov Bar-Leib said...

Do we have more evidence that Netanyahu has balked even though Trump has has said Yes? What does Bibi have to gain from balking if he has the cover of the American President?

Neshama said...

Dov: Netanyahu does not think like you and me: the Torah perspective of the Land, the People, and the history of our Eretz Yisrael. He’d rather dance with the winner of the EuroVision Spectacle.

"After the Bar-Ilan speech, those close to Netanyahu hinted that he was playing a sophisticated game. He said “YES" so that the Palestinians would say “NO", hoping to avoid a scolding by Barack Obama. This really did not help, but his statement agreeing to a Palestinian state has tarnished the entire Right. Now they are again whispering that he will say “YES, but" to Trump's "Deal of the Century", and for the same reasons.

I don’t know if you read the Maariv article, which goes into all the double-talk and obstacles stymieing progress? Its the same old same old: TALK talk Talk but nothing comes out of it.

Devash, thank you for commenting. Yes, what can we expect from the Erev Rav?

Joe said...

Netanyahu.....is a CFR man through and through. He was groomed by his handlers from obscurity to being Israeli UN ambassador.
He first came to PM office with the promise of never negotiating with terrorists which initially robbed Yasser Arafat of a platform only to flip flop in 1997 and hand over Chevron, Beit Lechem, Shechem to the PA.This only gave fuel to Oslo.
And then there was his convoluted twist of truth during the Gerush from Gush Katif. So the "yes" really means NO
....or the "no" really means Yes.
His world view is the CFR view where pragmatic economic solutions are the only answer to historical realities.....delusions of delusions.
Alas Trump is on the same page and both seek the deal of the century and the truth will be the first victim.
Israel is being set up and many have taken the hook,line and sinker.
But HaShem laughs and has them in derision as stated in Psalm 2.

Meir M. said...

Not to worry. There is Judgment and there is a Judge. The King and Creator of the world, HKB"H

The Holy One, Blessed be He, reveals all those who are famous in the Holy Land of Israel and also outside the borders of Israel. He discovers bribery, lechery and abomination, theft and deception, because the Creator of the world refines and purifies the world.

G'd will continue to reveal in public famous public figures in whom the people believe. The briber and bribe takers, the corrupt, cheats who con the Jewish electorate, all will be revealed in the media to be seen. The white collar and black collar, and the private people, G'd will settle the score with them quietly.

All the people taking or giving bribes, the thieves, the scammers, the crooks, all those who desecrate the name of Hashem who steal and cheat, Lewd and dirty people - are all revealed, from the greatest religious to the non-religious.

Meir M. said...

A message to the President of the USA

Dear Mr President. You came to power by the Will of the King and Creator of the world, HKB"H, through miracles. You were chosen to be the savior of Esav, bring Esav to repents and to support the Jews in Israel without any reservations. As long as you do that the USA will be blessed. Thus I would like to quote you (Faith and Freedom Coalition gathering on June 8, 2017):

"If we stay devoted to our Creator our best days are yet to come".

And if not, if you present any plan implying the division of the Land and or Jerusalem, the King and Creator of the world, HKB"H will Bring you down like He Raised you. You, the closest to you, the USA will be cursed and you and they will all fall into a deep abyss of no return.

We all know that any so called peace plan will require the division of the Land of Israel. The King and Creator of the world and Guardian of Israel, HKB"H, the Owner of the world will not allow this to happen any more. So call back your team and bury your plans. Anyone who will put forward a peace plan that will even hint a division of the Holy Land, for Israel to give away even a grain of its soil for "peace" will suffer G'd's judgment and wrath.

Senior U.S. officials involved in drafting President Trump's Middle East peace plan pushed back on claims from Palestinian leadership and from some officials in Europe that the plan will be biased in favor of Israel. One official said, "Our peace plan is not a 'Bibi plan,'" referring to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Trump, the officials said, had insisted that US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was not meant to prejudge the outcome of future negotiations on that issue or others between the two sides. Another argument that Trump’s aides will likely make to Palestinians is that having granted Israel recognition of its claim to Jerusalem, the US leader might now have more leverage for seeking concessions later on from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the US official said.

Now, according to a front-page New York Times report on Nov. 12, the administration is preparing what it considers to be an "ultimate deal" between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs.

This ultimate deal is suicidal to Israel. You sent your Court Jews. Kushner, Greenblatt and David Friedman to Israel to force it upon Israel, c"v. Your emissaries spied the Land and came back with a false report. They termed Israel’s enemies as giants and featured the Hebrews as grasshoppers.

If the reported provisions of the plan are true, the your “deal of the century” would be the “disaster of the century.” Your reputation as Israel’s greatest friend would be destroyed.

Bolton holds that so called Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza—which he called “bits and pieces of the collapsed Ottoman Empire” with “no particular history either of national identity or of economic interdependence”—should be ceded respectively to Jordan and Egypt.

Meir M. said...


And about Jerusalem and the embassy move. It doesn't alter the facts on the ground. Trump has still long to go to comply to the expectations of H'. Not many are familiar with the wording of the US Embassy Jerusalem and Recognition Act.
Current wording in the US Embassy Relocation Act would move the embassy to Jerusalem — but deprive Israel of sovereignty in Jerusalem.

That’s right: the bill does not officially recognize Jerusalem as part of Israel.

Spokespeople for the US State Department have made it clear that under ​current law, even if the US embassy moves to Jerusalem, US birth and death certificates will still be stamped “​Jerusalem” — with no country listed.

You have offered his recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish State but with a caveat:
The specific boundaries of Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem are subject to final status negotiations,” [U.S.] officials said.

This, in other words, is you saying that Jerusalem is for sale, a property that can be negotiated. Whether or not Israel agrees.

In what universe is this friendship?

Hence, please Mr President do what G'd expects you to do and you will go down in history as the greatest president and you will have success in all your doings. On the other hand, as said here earlier, if you present any plan implying the division of the Land and or Jerusalem, the King and Creator of the world, HKB"H will bring you down like He Raised you. You, the closest to you, the USA will be cursed and you and they will all fall into a deep abyss of no return.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post and excellent comments. Why most Jews do not know Bibi's history is sad. Joe's comment explains it well. So, too, Meir's comments. In the end, only H's Will will succeed! Ein Od Milvado!

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