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26 July 2018

Nachamu, Nachamu Ami

700 for 70

Welcome Home 232 New Olim from America!
On Wednesday, 34 families with 127 children, 18 singles, and 6 future IDF soldiers step off the plane and make Israel HOME.

On Monday, 300 new immigrants arrived in Israel Monday from France, Russia, Argentina and Brazil. arutzsheva

Jewish Agency held a festive event at Ben Gurion Airport with hundreds of Olim who came in one day from France, Russia, Argentina and Brazil. "Natan Sharansky, said,:"Despite all the challenges today in Israel and despite all the slander against it, Jews continue to make Aliyah and the number of immigrants is rising from year to year. The 300 immigrants who came from all over the world on the day after Tisha B'Av are a guarantee that there will be no return to the past and the State of Israel will be even stronger.”

On Tuesday, Olim from Ukraine arrive in Israel. arutzsheva

293 immigrants from Ukraine landed Tuesday morning at Ben-Gurion Airport on three different flights organized by the Friendship Foundation headed by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein.

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