01 July 2018

Meir Ettinger – For Three Crimes UPDATE!

For Three Crimes
Meir Ettinger on a summary blog for the torture case. The crimes of the Shin Bet and the sin of an entire public that blindly followed the blood libel and forgot to distinguish between enemy and lover (see UPDATE below)

Meir Ettinger 01/07/2018
[google translation might do justice to Meir’s expressions; please take that into consideration]

For Three Crimes.
The verdict of the minor trial of the Duma case proved that the allegations of cruel torture that the boys underwent in the GSS cell were true, and the wicked judge who conformed to the demands of the system was forced as a bad angel who reluctantly tortured an artist to admit that they were tortured, and the last naive, - were exposed to the red lines crossed by the Jewish gang in the GSS time after time.

The torture of the school of the Saison by the students of the murderers of Yedidia Segal and the Altalena bombers is nothing but the smallest crime in the series of crimes perpetrated by the Shin Bet against the Jewish people in its campaign of terror against the dreamers and fighters of the Kingdom of Israel. And about four I will not answer "- about the lies and torture, the blood libel, for taking the logic, and the most serious thing - that made us not distinguish between lover and enemy.

A. About Lies and Torture -
There is no need to expand on the torture and lies that are meant to cover them, since most of them are already visible and known. It is only necessary to remind the public that the same torture that was exposed is only the torture of the minor, whereas the torture that Amiram Ben Uliel suffered, which was much worse and worse, is likely to not be known for many years to come.
We all know that GSS chiefs lied that this was a "preventive interrogation" in order to obtain permission to use torture to satisfy the bloodthirsty dogs in the media.
We all know that the boys were tortured. Few know what preceded the torture, and the series of lies that led to them. It is reasonable to assume that in the near future more and more crimes will be revealed by the same gang. Either way, the things we already know about are sufficiently severe and shocking.

B. The Blood Libel -
Since the establishment of the Jewish gang in the Shin Bet, they have repeatedly used the blood libel that tells of an extreme right who wants to stir up a world war in order to bring the kingdom of Israel to the pogroms of the Jewish children. Thus every few years, this plot is recycled by the above-mentioned gang in order to justify my crimes against the Jewish public in the Land of Israel.
In the name of that blood libel, they excused the racist policy against Jews on the Temple Mount, in the name of the same blood libel they have lured the people of Israel to help in the damned Oslo agreement, and made the settler population anathema. In the name of this blood libel they have succeeded in branding all those who demand an aggressive war against the enemy As a racist, and the Temple seekers as irresponsible.
The purpose of this blood libel is to silence the rational and rational voice of the public that is addicted to the kingdom of Israel, a public whose feet are on the ground and whose eyes and hearts are in heaven.
The vision of the kingdom of Israel is indeed messianic, but equally realistic. It demands vision and faith, but is born out of sanity and vision of reality.
Those people who, for a Messianic dream of world peace and a new Middle East, supplied weapons to the murderers and brought thousands of terrorists to Israel - accusing us of messianism and irresponsibility - is not it a joke and a blood libel?
And why is it so severe? That this blood libel is intended and used to capture any serious awakening and attention to criminal criminal licentiousness, and the conscious cultural abandonment of the abandoned establishment.
We must remember: the purpose of this blood libel is to make the discourse on the kingdom of Israel illegitimate and despicable. And to paint the people who sobered into believing in blind training in the rotten establishment as crazy and dangerous - we will not forget or forgive!

C.  For Taking our Logic -
Any reasonable person knows that the best defense is the attack, and anyone with a brain in his head knows that as a rule when the enemy is beaten, it weakens. These simple truths are the basis for the existence of a nation before it rises to a path of national suicide.

It is impossible to separate the propaganda led by the Shin Bet via the media, according to which reprisals will lead to terror attacks, to the policy it leads in the area of ​​excess leniency to supporters of terror, to its recommendations to remove the magnets on the Temple Mount, to ease checkpoints in Judea and Samaria.

The propaganda that the Shin Bet led, based on lies and half-facts, which they himself contradicts in various publications, is dangerous, very dangerous, and is intended to make us think the opposite of simple, healthy and normal logic.

How did we believe the slogan that harming the enemy would lead to the murder of Jews, contrary to reason, contrary to reality and contrary to experience? How is it that they have so successfully taken our common sense, that we are indifferently accepting this stupid propaganda?

How dare they? The same people who released thousands of terrorists who murdered Jews and chanted the pain of the families and public warnings (headed by a man who was elected head of the Shin Bet to approve this insane deal, boasted that he supported it contrary to the opinion of most of his friends) To claim that because of the activities of anyone against the perpetrators of terror, an activity that everyone agrees was necessary and required by an official Jewish army - the wave of terrorism was born, to which they are to blame.

How dumb we should be, just to keep quiet against such a transparent lie that was said by people who were supposed to be in charge of our security, and brought us the intifadah of the Shalit deal. The founders of the Jewish gang - one of the architects of Oslo, Gillon and Perry - instilled this dangerous concept in the organization that they ran. The agenda led by the Shin Bet in the Duma affair is the same as the Oslo Accords.

The fact that the leaders of the Jewish home were in line with this dangerous propaganda should light a red light that the distorted world view has acquired in this party too.

And for four we will not answer - that we have lost the ability to distinguish between enemy and lover

The comparison between our enemies, who want to murder us and expel us from our ancestral land, and the best of our young, the most caring, who are suspected of acting out of a desire to protect us, and to safeguard our security -

To fuel the discourse of hatred that led to the heightening of the walls of alienation, so much so that Jews can peacefully accept the torture of brothers. Was initiated and encouraged by the Shin Bet security service in order to allow him to suppress the popular uprising against the feeble policy of fighting the enemy.

All this is done in our name. The same people who stretched the boys' bodies, did it on our behalf, they get their salaries from our money. The torture affair will be remembered as a black day, in which they succeeded in causing us to lose the natural and basic division between enemy and lover. This crime will remain a stain on the bearers of the flag of love and unity of Israel, which traveled from the fraternity.

In conclusion, we can conclude with a good word, because just as "the first to discover their hostility - their end has been revealed," we can be sure that the early signs of disillusionment in recent weeks will provide an opening for real change and mark the end of the establishment responsible for these crimes.

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UPDATE Israeli Youth Badly Beaten at Binyamin Outpost: A Jewish teen is seeking to be recognized as the victim of a terror attack, after he was set upon by a gang of Arabs earlier this week at the Givat Assaf outpost in the Binyamin region. The youth was badly injured in his upper body, suffering from broken ribs and a puntured lung, and required stitches in his head. He is still hospitalized at Shaare Tzedek hospital in Yerushalayim. AND JPost article

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Anonymous said...

There really is no forgiveness for these crimes. But, Meir and the rest of us must remember that these wicked people are not part of the Jewish people. They are the Erev Rav. When there is utter cruelty, the perpetrators cannot be the descendants of Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov. Chazal tell us this. The useful idiot public that play into the stories and lies must repent and do teshuvah. We need to pray that common sense, justice and the Jewish way of life returns to the Jewish nation, so the coming of Moshiach Tzdkeinu will be merciful.