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25 July 2018

Welcome to “Full 180” | ALL planets now on same side of Sun – EARTH UPDATE

Welcome to “Full 180” | ALL planets now on same side of Sun | July 19, 2018 Watch for Earth Disturbances: Earthquakes, Volcanos (to increase during this time)

"Never seen anything like it" - Earth goes Viral! 51 days into Full 180

Record Cold Australia With Huge Snowfall and Japan Mega-Flood Update (665)

Australia smashing all time cold records throughout the east coast. While not the coldest winter across the entire country, extreme cold and coldest in 60 years with huge snowfalls that have officially opened all ski resorts in Australia. Forecasters called above temperatures in May, but now this Australian super-freeze 2.0 has left them silent. Japan still in chaos as once in 1000 year floods decimated the lower half of the entire country and now summer temperatures are getting into the normally warmest part of the year Late July / August in the Pacific.

Grand Solar Minimum Resources, July Snow Greenland and 1930's Hurricanes

New interactive Grand Solar Minimum Resource, Abundant Harvest, hyperlinks to resources/ videos, websites and topics covered in the PDF by section. Also Joe Bastardi talking about a repeat of 1930's intensity of hurricane patterns over these next few years because of Atlantic water temperature set up similar to 1903's. Greenland expecting 2+ feet of snow over the next few days, covering the entire island and Arctic sea ice is still incredibly thick with the onset of freeze season in just five weeks.

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