11 July 2018

Earthquakes III – Red Dust Storms Traversing the Globe Toward America & Western Hemisphere Earthquakes III

Dust Storms Reminiscent of Egyptian Makkos
World Tectonic Plate Activity?

East African Rift Shakes, Sparking Fears and Anxiety-Emergency Deployment amidst Widening Cracks 
[did this contribute to the earthquakes in Northern Israel?]
SkyWatch Media News Video

Senegal, Africa Biblical Dust Storm

Is Earth plummeting into a planetary dust storm like Mars?

"SkyScraping" Dust Storm Rolls Towards Phoenix - "Came out of Nowhere!”
July 5, 2018: Seemed like it came in out of nowhere! Next thing we know a towering wall of dust is rolling in!

ARIZONA DUST STORM: Monsoon 2018 - GoPro Braves the Storm - Captures "Moving Mountain" of Dust!
July 9, 2018: ~Monsoon 2018~ Massive Wall of Dust - Entire Storm Captured by GoPro by MrMBB333. (Hail, Power Outages, Flash Flooding, Lightning, High Winds) "Whole Nine Yards"

The Perfect Storm on Mars

In June 2018, one of the most intense dust storms ever seen on Mars began. The dust storm, which grew to completely cover the planet, caught NASA's Opportunity rover by surprise, forcing it into survival mode. Here's a look at how the storm grew, how NASA is tracking it and what it means for the Opportunity rover on Mars.

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