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15 July 2018

New Terem Emergency Medical Center – "Only in CHELM"

*Problematic Emergency

Inauguration of the new Terem Emergency Medical Center took place with three mayoral candidates and Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman. The new emergency room, located at the corner of Jaffa Road and Sarei Yisrael Street, near Haturim station, replaces the Romema branch, with plenty of parking and easy access.

Here is where it resembles “Only in Chelm”

It is located inside the new shopping center and luxurious City Court housing complex. Things are not going smoothly between Terms’s patients and the neighbors. Right from the start, the guards on duty at City Court entrance were given clear orders not to allow any patient to enter through the Complex.

As a result, patients arrived through the lobby of the housing project. This caused the residents to block this passage. Last week things reached a boiling point and police got involved in separating the parties. The new Terem clinic was long awaited by patients because of improved facilities and inclusion of many specialists.

*Article from Weekend edition Jerusalem Post 

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