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25 July 2018

HaShem Yerachem – Another Family Tragedy

Another Family Tragedy – Can you Help?

Hello, my name is Chaim Levi. Several months ago my wife and I found out that we were expecting our fourth child, bli ayin hara.

Then tragedy struck: my wife was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. We didn't know what would happen. She suffered terribly, with the knowledge that her unborn baby's life was in danger. For months our house fell into a state of terrible chaos.

When my wife was five months pregnant, the doctors declared that emergency surgery was necessary to deliver the baby, if not both my wife and my child would die. Of course, we went ahead with the surgery. I spent the whole day pacing outside the operating room davening and pleading with Hashem for my wife, for all four of my children.

Last week the unthinkable happened. My wife passed away, you should never know such pain. I am left on my own to raise four young children, the youngest one is in urgent care born without ever knowing his mother. With G-d's help he will survive.

Please, if you are able to help in any way, we truly need it. I am not sure how we will live. This has been a painful time for all of us. I am asking only one thing from you: please help me raise my four orphaned children so they can be normal and happy.

If you can help us you should blessed - to never know such suffering, to have blessings and good and nachas from your children.

G-d knows we will need miracles for my children to come out of this healthy and happy.

Thank you.

Donations can also be made to Kupat Ha'Ir fund #7071.

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