20 July 2018

EICHA! How does she sit in solitude! The City full of people has become like a Widow . . . she has become a tributary!

EICHA! How does she sit in solitude! The City full of people has become like a Widow . . . she has become a tributary! 

There are headlines in the Jerusalem Post that make me shudder. Today, Erev Shabbat Devarim, Shabbos Hazon, and according to our calendar Shabbos is also Tisha B’Av. This last fact may be what saves the Jewish People from disaster – perhaps.

G–D created the world to operate in a certain way; and the “progressives” are openly going against G–D. The anti-natural, anti-Torah behavior has taken hold in America, to the point that it was incorporated into their laws (via "contract of marriage" recognized by the laws of the land). And now this mindset has entered the Israeli society. It has been explained that this behavior corrupts and distorts thinking and judgment among these adherents, as well as spreading to the general public, causing gender–confusion among  children, the animal kingdom, and the agricultural land.  Because this behavior is “opposite” the natural creation of the world, they think and see everything in the “opposite”. The definition of opposite is:  "having a position on the other or further side of something; facing something, especially something of the same type.” and "diametrically different; of a contrary kind”. 

Don’t they understand what caused the Great “Flood”?  This behavior causes befuddled thinking; right is wrong, and wrong is right. And this is so evident in the political atmosphere in America. Politicians cannot see the truth clearly and make outlandish comments and induce corruption of behavior. Already there are instances of decisions being made in the vein of CHELM. If this distortion takes greater hold on the Israeli Government, G–D save us.

During an interview with the Jerusalem Post, the interviewee “sees Tisha B’Av as ‘a fitting time to fight sinat chinam [baseless hatred], referring to the reason given for the destruction of the Second Temple. He forgets that the First Temple was destroyed because of:  “[…] three sins committed at the time: idol worship, illicit sexual relations and bloodshed. (Yoma 9b). However, what they see as baseless hatred is not “baseless” and is not hatred. Because their thinking is confused and distorted they do not understand, and cannot understand.

For example, "“I think we've reached a point where we are raising a generation of people who are going to think that if they have anything to say to slightly contradict leftist orthodoxy that they shouldn't say it, and that if they do say it that they should expect these crazy consequences,” [. . .] “I think that's the bigger problem – we're raising a broader generation of people to think that this is normal, and it's not.” arutzsheva

In our Jewish history, each of the incidents of homosexuality met with disaster; entire cities destroyed by a nuclear-like force from Shamayim, plus execution by the hand of righteous Jews against 240,000 guilty. This was the reason (corrupted thinking) during the “Flood in Noah’s time”, in Sodom and Gomorroh, and other times. It is explained (bravely, both by Rabbi Mizrachi and by Rabbi Yehuda Richter that this is a distortion of the highest degree that angers G–D.) What follows is usually disaster.

The Land of Israel most recently has experienced a grouping of earthquakes, that scientists say usually predicts an impending larger event. Does it not give one thoughts as to why Southern Israel is on “FIRE”. 

EICHA! How does she sit in solitude! The City full of people has become like a Widow . . . she has become a tributary! 

National Strike set for Sunday, Tisha B’Av: Protesters demand Gay couples receive state surrogacy rights. The prevalence of this in the Israeli society is astronomical. Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand 250,000 could be just a fraction of this behavioral choice among the Israelis. I would hope that some are just emotionally confused, seeing this as a progressive ‘modern fad’. They cannot achieve state sponsored legal 

Israeli celebs slam decision by Knesset over surrogacy. Just like in America, the “hollywood’ liberals support this unnatural behavior.

US Jewish groups furious at Jewish Nation–State Law. JPost Israel is a sovereign nation, and makes its own laws.

International outrage as rabbi grilled for officiating Mamsorti weddings: “Iran is here” conservative rabbi says about religious–inspired move. Conservative rabbi teaching President Rivlin (conservative/reform) Judaism? timesofisrael Mr Herzog is “Ready to fight for the Diaspora”. JPost paper His readiness is sincere, but his knowledge is lacking. The embarrassment is because his father and grandfather were Torah observant and knew the Halacha.

Haley says “*NHRC’s Agenda 7 is directed against Israel’s existence. JPost

Zuckerberg says Facebook won't remove Holocaust denial. While Facebook would not remove post denying Holocaust, it would push that post down News Feed to assure it doesn’t go viral. arutzsheva

Labour MP calls Corbyn antisemite and racist. arutzsheva search on Corbyn

Where will this all end? What has happened to the world’s societies? What has taken hold of the people of Israel? The Arab nations are watching Israel unravel from within. But HaShem promised that we would not be forced AGAIN from our land. Oh, how my heart aches. Is there a disaster impending? We might not be forced from the land but something else could happen.

Righteous Jews please daven for the sanity of Eretz Yisrael.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful post and vitally important! The world has gone bezerk but when it actually touches the Land of Israel (Eretz HaKodesh), it becomes even more insane. How dare anyone go so blatantly against the Creator of all in His Holy Abode? That there are Jews(?) who go along with this and even worse, 'demand' that the rest of the normal nation (&nations of the world) join them' in their evil, is beyond shocking. To me, those who dare demand this are NOT Jews (they are the Erev Rav within our midst) and as our Torah describes them 'they will be our worst enemy'. The rest of the nation within the borders of Israel and even everywhere else in the world must unite in protest and tefilah that this be stopped. Otherwise, there will surely be earthquakes, volcanoes and every type of disaster unimaginable touching every corner of the earth. The Flood recurred for that reason which literally destroyed the world. H' has been giving us many warnings and the audacity of the wicked to want to make a protest for this toeivah on Tisha B'Av will boomerang on them. They have no idea what awaits them from Above.
Please H', have rachamim on the righteous (Jews & non-Jews).

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