17 July 2018

Who’s Country Is It Anyway?

Make No Mistake, They Will Not Stop in Their Life’s Mission, 
Until They Hit An IDF Roadblock

'There will be no Mideast peace deal, Israel will *wither away’

Ayatollah blasts President Trump's plans to broker peace between Israel, PA, says Israel will disappear, leaving only Palestinian state. arutzsheva

Arab Lawmaker (sic!): 
*"Move Into Jewish Cities!”
*"This used to be our country”

Former aid to Yasser Arafat urges Israeli Arabs to move into predominantly Jewish towns across Israel. 

A senior Israeli-Arab lawmaker and former aid to Yasser Arafat called on Arabs with Israeli citizenship to move into predominantly Jewish cities across Israel in protest of the “Nationality Law”, and to affirm what he claimed were Arab rights to the country he said had been denied since the British Mandate.

Speaking at a Knesset hearing on the “Nationality Law – a bill which would establish in law Israel’s status as the Jewish homeland, with Hebrew as the official national language – MK Ahmed Tibi (Joint List), a former adviser to Palestinian Authority chief Yasser Arafat, blasted one of the law’s provisions, calling it a “hate crime”.

“The Nationality Law is a hate crime against the Israeli Arab community,” said Tibi arutzsheva


*If the Arabs try and succeed in moving into Jewish cities (cities where Jews live), by sheer numbers, this could be a "withering away" of Jewish hegemony. Sooner or later this might be the next battle.

*Their life’s mission is to gain control over what “used to be”.

The "Nationality Law” is only a partial law of what our Jewish Nation should be. What should be included are provisions relating to foreigners in the land, following the Sheva Bnei Noah laws,  and other laws necessary for the governance of the Land. I think the Haredim won’t vote for it because they are afraid it would create a covert form of exclusion of Haredim in many areas.

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Anonymous said...

All those who curse the Jews will be cursed. Those nations that think, wish and curse the Jewish nation, its Torah, and Land will have their thoughts, wishes and curses boomerang upon them. That is a given. Those within the midst of our people who think they can make the Land of Israel a home for our enemies and even for our friends who are not Jewish are in for a big surprise. Their goals will be thwarted because the Guardian of Israel does not slumber, nor sleep and only HE runs the world. The Erev Rav and their allies have overstepped and just as Balak and Bilam made trouble for the Jewish people, they overstepped and it boomeranged on them.

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