08 November 2019


once it looked like this
YWN The yahrzeit of Rochel Imeinu, 11 Cheshvan, falls on this coming Shabbos this year. Mispallalim began arriving at the tziyun in PA (Palestinian Authority) occupied Beit Lechem on Thursday and will continue until Sunday night. Tens of thousands of mispallalim are expected and border police will be out in force to maintain security.

another former view
Police have announced that no one will be permitted to visit the tziyun over Shabbos, the actual yahrzeit.

There will be a park and ride available at Teddy Stadium, and from there one can take a shuttle bus. One may also take the Egged 163 line to the tziyun. Private vehicles will not be permitted entry to the site over the yahrzeit weekend. Accommodations will also be made for disabled persons including those in wheelchairs.

Persons will also be prohibited from walking to the tziyun from Gilo.

because of the palestinian terrorists, it looks like this

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moshe said...

If this wasn't so tragic and ugly, it's laughable. For this we became a 'sovereign' nation again in our Land, so a non-entity could have control of our forefathers/foremothers resting places. The situation has become a disgrace. May our Mamme Rochel pray and cry for her children more than ever before, for H' is listening to her tefilot and accepting her tears and she will prevail.