20 November 2019

President Trump Did NOT Have a Heart Attack:

This Is "Sadly America” President Trump (nearly ) Poisoned – Whitehouse Sources
By CD's Team - November 18, 2019

Jones just said his WH sources tell him that the reason behind Trump’s visit to to Walter Reed was over concerns that a slow acting poison may have been administered to Trump.

This is a time activated poison that would give them time to clean up food, dishes, etc, so they have a lead time.

Apparently one of his Secret Service food tasters became very sick from some substance in the food  (how sad that we’re at that point).

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This is why he sends people out to get food at various restaurants – because of poisoning concerns. Jones says they don’t want to shoot him or assassinate him openly because they don’t want to make him a martyr. They want to poison or drug him so they can activate the 25th amendment.

Apparently there have been many attempts on his life and Jones says that a young Secret Service agent died in Scotland from something similar to cyanide poisoning. The agent was apparently very fit, and served as a food taster – had a stroke and dropped dead.

This is where we’re at people, impeach him or kill him…..

Source: conservativesdaily

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