28 November 2019

Rabbi Mizrachi – Collective Punishment According to Judaism

This is a very important shiur and has relevance in so many areas of life today.

The electric company shut the electric to 46,000 (10% of Israelis) homes (because they could not pay). But what about all of Gaza that doesn’t pay their electric and no one shuts it. The Eisavs in Europe won’t allow it??

Racism is a collective punishment

at the 18 min mark the Rabbi speaks about a 1 to 99 risk of danger.
Then he gives the example of cups of water on the table and one of them is poison. With a 1% chance to die, no one would drink.

Exactly at 19min into the video the Rabbi gives an example of medicine!

[ME:  I say this is the same argument pertaining to the vaccines that are KNOWN to damage (and/or murder) children, but the percentages are much higher = all because there is no pre-test for sensitivity or danger = and regardless of the injured such vaccines are FORCED upon everyone! That means the pharmaceutical company is committing murder, because they know that a certain percentage will be damaged or die. Now, does that make sense? And yet a group of Rabbis, knowing the Jewish halacha, made statements that all children must be subject to this “russian-roulette” medical procedure, and those who do not are not allowed in heder/school. Straight from the CDC mantra, without researching and understanding. This is actually Cruel]

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moshe said...

The whole system towards the Jews in the Jewish State is a big joke. When one appeases and coddles the enemy within and treats the Jew as an enemy where he gets punished for even defending himself, his family and his property, he gets arrested. There is no excuse under the sun for such behavior especially in the Land of the Jews where our Torah should be the symbol of justice, the Justice system that was given by the Creator to His people and the laws that man must abide by.
This craziness against the Jews in EY is totally against Torah Law and which happens to be common sense.