18 November 2019

EFFECTS OF SOLAR MINIMA: Superbugs, Freezing Temperatures, Wildfires in Australia

CDC Raising Alarm Over Surge In Superbugs Infecting 3 Million Americans Annually

Resilient “superbug” pathogens are seeing a boom in the United States.
Lethal infections are on the rise even as health officials take “aggressive” steps to rein them in.

[Gee Whiz, seems the attempt of culling of humans is forecasted.]

But the following video, describing the un-earthly cold sweeping across America, actually freezes those “superbugs”. 

Unsettling 150 Year Cold in the Warmest Year Ever (912)

About Several Crises in the World (global warming anyone?)

ASF, Propane Crisis, Agricultural Disaster

"And the rivers shall run red with the blood ..." of pigs slaughtered in the wake of African Swine Fever (ASF). Five US states have declared emergencies due to propane shortages that are precluding farmers from drying their crops. Massive hailstorm in Australia destroys a six-mile wide swath of crops. The agricultural disasters are mounting -- are you growing your own food yet?

YES, JEWS DON”T EAT PORK, but the rest of the world does; this means another global disaster occurring. [fire, floods, epidemics, diseases, loss of food crops and ‘meat’ for the world – Might this bring beef back into the diet of the world?]

SUGAR SHORTAGE - Harvest From Hell - Year Without a Summer - Youtube Censorship

September blizzards and hard freezes throughout October killed off nearly half of this year's sugar beet harvest, leading major sugar producers to BREAK their contracts and refusing to deliver product (because they don't have it). This is a microcosm of how agriculture will break down, slowly at first, then catastrophically. Feed and hay shortages are already spreading. Start growing your own food and preparing.

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