13 November 2019

Rabbi Mizrachi: Parshas Vayeira – Akeidas Yitzchak and Every Missile Has an Address

This shiur was given last year AND THE CURRENT EVENTS IS ABOUT THE WAR WITH GAZA. Every year, a war. Liberman was right when he said, "This is actual surrender": Liberman assails Netanyahu for Hamas policy. Yisrael Beytenu chief says PM "has consistently failed to bring security to the residents of the south and has ‘no answers or solutions’ to ongoing violence.”

“Over the years, in election campaigns, Netanyahu and his Likud members have emphasized that only they can eradicate Hamas’s rule. In fact, Netanyahu is only strengthening Hamas’s rule,” Liberman claimed, citing a campaign video put out by Netanyahu on the eve of the 2009 election in which he promised to “break Hamas rule in Gaza… and restore security to Israeli residents.”

“Until two days ago, the official policy of the State of Israel was that Hamas was the sovereign and was responsible for any rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, no matter who fired,” Liberman said. “Starting two days ago, Netanyahu granted Hamas an exemption. Hamas no longer bears any small or large responsibility in Gaza and any rocket fire at Israel by ‘rogue forces’ is not Hamas’s concern at all.”

“This is an actual surrender to a terrorist organization,” Liberman charged. “Continuing the normalization policy will turn Hamas into a new Hezbollah on our southern border in three years.”

Liberman said that despite the Israeli response, “it is clear that another round of shooting is only a matter of time.”

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