04 November 2019

Rabbi Kessin is Back: The Rehabilitation of the Jews at the End of Time

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elisheva said...

Thank you for posting. I have some questions on the shiur, no disrespect meant to Rav Kessin, of course, just I would like some clarification.

Can anyone clarify this idea that "Trump is the moshiach of the goyim". I've never heard such an idea from anywhere else to me and it sounds like a slippery slope to me.

Also, I don't understand the negativity towards Israel, that it is a war zone, so how could diaspora Jewry possibly be expected to make aliya. What about the nearly six million Jews already living here? If it is good enough for us, despite the problems, why is it not good enough for diaspora Jews? (And btw, the US has a mass shooting nearly every day of the year). So too with prosperity. Israel has very low unemployment and as Rav Kessin says comes in at 11 in the GDP ranking. Also, it is very high up in the world happiness ranking, in the top ten, much higher than the US. Furthermore, my understanding is that frum Jews who make aliya, and keep the Torah in Eretz Yisrael strengthen our hold on the land and hasten the geula.

I wonder too how much of Trump's ostensible pro-Israel stance comes from wishing to play to his huge evangelical base, and how much of a threat this is to am yisrael, especially given the extensive missionary activity against the Jewish people in the US and in Israel.

My own thoughts on the current situation, vis-a-vis Israel and the UK (countries that I am familiar with) is that both countries have become ungovernable, possibly France too, and that when Be"D Moshiach is revealed, the people in these countries will be crying out for him to be their leader.

Thank you for any responses.

elisheva said...

If that is the case would you kindly either post my comment here and I'll copy it to shiratdevorah, or post it there for me. I can't remember everything I wrote, but would like to know others thoughts on it. Thanks in advance!

moshe said...

I happen to agree very much with the above 'elisheva' comment. Everything she wrote makes good sense. This is truly the period before the arrival of Moshiach, as never before do I think was there this much confusion, even within our own Torah scholars and rabbis. We must never lose track of the teachings of our forefathers and holy Sages. As far as Trump is concerned he has been a great friend to our people, but what the end game is on his part, am not too sure about, but we have to show hakarot hatov for present actions and not future ones, as we cannot be sure what they will be. We pray for the coming of Moshiach, may it be speedily and NOW.