11 November 2019

Change is Coming to Eretz Yisrael

The political underpinnings of the Jewish State are being rearranged, min haShamayim. So Every Torah abiding Jew needs to daven and plead with HaShem to bring the next stage in the redemption with rachamim, to enable those Israelis who are deserving, to come closer to accepting upon themselves Torah observance, especially Shabbat, the one day in the hectic and confusing week to enter into Hashem’s grace and sublime peacefulness.

YES the Deep State is “controlling” life in Israel

“No matter whom you vote for, you get Shimon Peres.” Israeli elections, one concludes, are meaningless because they are about personalities, not policies; they are superficial, not substantial. The real government is run by the “deep state,” bureaucrats such as directors general of ministries and professionals who provide continuity and expertise, but are unaccountable. Politicians who become ministers are usually not experts in the subject of their position; they rely on an experienced staff.”

A 70 year experiment gone awry.

Unfortunately, this ‘malady’ is indigenous throughout the governing bodies. That is why in a way it does not matter who one votes for, because those in control win every time. “A .... by any other name is still a ....”

The citizens are “pawns” in the “system”.

But that “system” has been put on hold.

Benjamin Netanyahu, as a (former?) member of the CFR, at a certain juncture has craftily controlled the natural growth of this Jewish experiment called a “government”, in accordance with the world’s other nations. 

However, this is not the purpose of our return to the Land of Eretz Yisrael:
What is the solution?

“Bring Them Home"

Rabbi Dr “Avraham” Twersky has one:

Because only with ‘most’ authentic Torah Jews living in Eretz HaKodesh will Shamayim be prompted to send us Mashiach (and alleviate the antisemitism in chu”l).


moshe said...

Beautiful and important post - especially with the videos from these two great Rabbis.

elisheva said...

Shouldn't it be called "come home". They are not being held against their will. We can't bring them if they won't come. I'm sorry to say that I have encountered not a little negativity about Israel from frum Jews who live in exile. And in other news, Jews in the UK and New York at least will soon be forced to make aliya, as the long hand of the protected perversions threatens to close down their schools. They should hurry up before they start taking their children away from them. Forced gender transitioning for children is also on the cards. Sounds extreme? The world has gone crazy. At least in Israel you can still bring your children up as Jewish and normal, and the level of learning is much higher here.

moshe said...

Frightening to think what's become of 'civilization' today, when it's been turned on its head. But, there are some that still cannot afford or have very valid reasons where they can't make aliyah right away. We cannot say what doing in other people's lives. Their negativity towards Israel is also well-founded when they (the IDF) are making war with chareidim to be forced into the draft and even worse, forcing chareidi girls to be drafted. There have been a few cases where there are girls sitting in prison for not going in to the army. We hope, as the post above states, 'changes being made in EY' will materialize; if that would be the case, I think there would be a mass aliyah of religious (all streams of orthodox) Jews because they would not have to fear the govt.

Neshama said...

Moshe, My point in the article is that with another 50,000 or more frum Jews in Israel, the political map would change. Being organized as the Americans are, they could affect the political scene.

Leah, the things you mention are in vogue all over the world, even in Israel. It’s disgraceful and against G-d. We need more Torah Jews in Israel to make a difference. We must object and fight for Torah principles, but here in Eretz haKodesh.

moshe said...

How true, it would be the best thing in the world if frum Jews (like chareidim) would make mass Aliya, as it would definitely give more power to them and, hopefully, would in short time, change the whole nature of the state, making it into a truly Jewish one. This is why I think this problem with the education systems in the U.S., England and in the rest of Europe has reared its ugly head and is continuing to make big problems for the yeshivot, so the Jews will have no choice but to leave to Eretz Yisrael. That's been our history; once the Jews got too comfortable anywhere they found some respite, anti-semitism reared its ugly head and the Jew had to move on. Now, we have E.Y., B'H.