21 November 2019

"swords will be turned into plowshares” — A Lethal Flaw

Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, boasted today that Hamas creates vast amounts of missiles using the very extensive agricultural pipe left behind when the Jewish farmers were expelled by Israel from Gaza in 2005.

He promised that he will bombard Israel for six months with the material that Israel left for him when the land was forfeited to Hamas.The terrorist leader was serving five life term sentences for the abduction and murder od, two Israeli boys when he was released by Israel in a one thousand one hundred prisoner exchange a few years ago.

The prophet Isaiah predicted that in the days of redemption,

"swords will be turned into plowshares” 

Our enemies are the exact flip side of this optimistic vision.

Is there anywhere where the juxtaposition of evil and good is as glaring as in this tiny corner of the world?

Is there any other place where pure evil and hopeless naivety and foolishness share a common border?

Perhaps in other places, foolishness is not a lethal fault.  Here [in Israel] it is.

Snap out of it!

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1 comment:

moshe said...

It will boomerang on them! H' is in control! Eventually, all weaponry will be turned into plowshares and all that brings life to this world.