28 November 2019

“Jewish Blood is Not Free”

This is exactly what Rabbi Kessin intimated could be the reason for the gezera from Shamayim on Netanyahu —  and now DM Bennett is doing what should have been done years ago under the leadership of Netanyahu:

Bennett said, "I cannot promise there won't be more terror attacks, but we must charge a heavy price for from anyone who raises his hand against an Israeli citizen. Jewish blood isn't free. arutzsheva


Also "Defense Minister Naftali Bennett, [who] ordered the defense establishment to stop returning bodies of terrorists to the Palestinian Authority.” [however not everyone agrees; but this may just get the return of Israelis kept in limbo by the terrorists] arutzsheva.

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moshe said...

Now they should revise practically every department in the gov't, starting with the education department; that's where the whole mindset can be changed to the good, by making the Jewish state a truly Jewish one by educating its youth with, at least, the basics of Torah Judaism. The children should grow up knowing basic Jewish laws and Jewish history. Then they will know who they are and from where they stem and their mission in life.