14 November 2019

Rabbi Mizrachi: CURRENT Events and Parsha Wisdom for Today

The Chessed of the Jewish Nation
Democracy failure: the Cancer (the Arab nation) is everywhere
Eventually possible the Israeli Government has a Palestinian PM
Ignorance and stupidity of certain politicians: cajoling (coaxing or flattery) and appeasing the terrorist politicians to make a deal?? The most stupid of all.
Iran is able to bribe their way thru the sanctions: Gas and Oil found 53 billions barrels in Iran
Midrash:  War of Persia vs Saudia Arabia

We are close to the END

Torah is a Shield and Savior for many tribulations and dangers
Gemilus Chassodim saves (Avraham Avinu) 
Yitzchak = middat hadin 
Yaakov = emes and devotion to Torah

The Rambam says we will suffer from the Arabs until Mashiach comes
and much much more

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