06 November 2019

Newsworthy Update

Some important and interesting information.

The world is facing an insect extinction even worse than many experts had feared - with a drop in the number of species of up to one-third in just 10 years. Researchers from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) collected one million insects at 300 sites in Germany between 2008 and 2017. They found that there were a third fewer species than 10 years ago, both in forested areas and grassland. Learn More: https://news.yahoo.com/insect-extinct…

The Metamorphosis Of The DEEP STATE - Protecting The Ruling Class
It gets funny, this shallow analysis of the deep state that is currently big news. There’s something ghoulish about it, perfectly timed for Halloween and masked jokers. What was once ridiculed by the CIA and its attendant lackeys in the media as the paranoia of “conspiracy theorists” is now openly admitted in reverent tones of patriotic fervor. But with a twisted twist.

Don’t believe the DS exists? Just listen to a DS member of the govt.  Intel:

Intel Agents "Thank God for Deep State",  Admit They Want to "Take Out” Trump – Two former intelligence heads bragged about how the deep state is engaged in a coup to remove President Trump Thursday, with one even praising god for the existence of the deep state.

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