10 November 2019

Rabbi Mizrachi – The Wicked Will Not Repent . . . and MORE CURRENT EVENTS

MOST IMPORTANT ARE THE CURRENT EVENTS and Mashiach  – esp. the last third

. . . Even at the Gate of Gehinom

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moshe said...

The world is in chaos and there is such a concerted effort to eradicate religion - the fear of the Almighty. This is a worldwide agenda and who could have ever believed it would touch the frum world. These rabbis whom he describes are not Jews but Erev Rav. We are told by our holy Sages that at the end of days, most of the 'rabbis' will be of the Erev Rav; they think they're reaching their end goal of doing away, c'v, of Torah Judaism and stopping Moshiach from coming. They will have a very rude awakening!