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02 May 2018

The Nuclear Weaponization of Lashon HaRa – Seminar

How to Stop the Damage 

In the

145 years since Sefer Chofetz Chaim was published, Klal Yisrael has joined
the battle against
loshon hora. But now

Social Media
is giving our age-old enemy a new surge
of power. 

Whether we are speaking person-to-person or online,
when we erase Hashem’s instructions for proper speech from our lives,

we are at the same time
erasing from our lives so much of the brachah for which we hope and daven.
When our words or posts humiliate one of Hashem’s children,
we create division among ourselves and shatter the vessel
into which all Hashem’s goodness flows. 

We compromise the merit to appeal to Hashem’s compassion.
We may think of loshon hora as a debt that only comes due in the Next World,

but in reality
our words create the world we live in here and now.
And so, this Parshas Tazriyah-Metzorah, hundreds of Rabbonim are uniting to bring their Kehillos the awareness of the damage of Loshon Hora
in speech and in all of its new technological forms.

Now is the time
to repair the breaches that are opening moment by moment in our wall of Divine protection.

This Shabbos is a window of opportunity in which we can raise our awareness
of what our mouths – and for many of us, our digital devices – are doing to our world.
Winning the battle against loshon hora means empowering our Torah and Tefillah, bringing us sholom and brochah and

divine protection
Standing together, it’s a battle we can win. 

* * * * *

The Seminar was Held on April 21 in the US. To Read About or get involved: Shmiras Haloshon Shabbos Booklet

The above text is from their website.
I’m sure Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi shlit”a was very gratified by this.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Cohen said...

Decades of experience have shown me that
even when Lashon HaRa is true,
most of the time it is taken out-of-context,
and omits details that would decrease
the guilt of the person being spoken about.

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