13 May 2019

What Does B.D.S. Really Stand For?

[. . .] The Faux BDS website is a marvel of Copywriting and design. Sure, it’s propaganda, but someone sat down and wrote very good stuff—or meticulously lifted it from some tourism website. [this is only a snippet fromJewishPress article

For the B-Beautiful segment the site states: “Like its topography, Israel’s citizens have a unique inner and outer beauty – consisting of a fusion of immigrant communities which have come together from all corners of the globe in a common vision and a rich culture that defines Israel.”

For D-Diverse: “Did you know? Although its national food is the Falafel – only Tokyo and New York City surpasses Tel Aviv’s sushi consumption per capita. Now that’s fusion!”

For S-Sensational: “Indeed, Israel’s beauty and variety make it a sensational place to experience while providing a quick, fascinating and dynamic lifestyle for its citizens and tourists alike.”

[You can imagine what the ugly namesake thinks of this?]

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