26 May 2019

UPDATE Police Use Excessive Force . . . VIDEO again and again and again

Police call Admor from Berdichev to explain his words.The rebbe was referring to the shocking vicious beating by police of an autistic teen, who was accused of pushing a female plainclothes policewoman, which has since been proven by video footage to be 100% false. . 

Police still do not understand what they did! Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman spoke with the parents of the victim, telling them that he will not permit this incident to be forgotten and he promised them the responsible persons will face the full weight of the law, condemning the unnecessary violence used against the unarmed autistic youth by border police.

The Israeli Police Department needs a complete overhaul, with guidelines set in place that distinguishes between palestinian incitement (via phone to the police against ’settlers’ ) [a phrase I do not like to use], terrorist actions, and the much milder "skirmishes" of the young Jewish youth (whether innocent or in retaliation to palestinian incitement).

When the Police act in a forceful, antagonistic, and brutal manner BEFORE QUESTIONING, this only leads to war-like behavior:  Questioning, viewing ID information, and deciding a proper response to an incident. Just because someone objects to police behavior when questioning, does not give permission to the police to brutalize the person. When that occurs, an innocent person is obligated to defend himmself, which only leads to more brutality in excessive use of force from the police. 

The Police need to be trained in restraint, and how to investigate claims, especially those of Jewish youth, otherwise their crass behavior resembles an animalistic attack without any intelligent discernment. [crass: stupid, insensitive, blundering, dense, thick, vacuous, mindless, witless, doltish, oafish, boorish, asinine, coarse, gross].

A perfect example of this is the unnecessary beating up of an autistic youth who obviously was confused and scared. Where was their discernment? How stupid the police's crass behavior!  *See Father’s interview article below.

There most certainly is a difference between the palestinian behavior and the Jewish youth of our Land. The police department must re-evaluate their approach to incidents. Maybe an IQ test, and complete behavioural background check, should be administered before hiring

'Clean house over police's excessive use of force'
Town of Yitzhar in Samaria denies police report claiming masked Jewish men attacked policemen with stones. 'Police exerted harsh violence.’
[could it be that arabs disguised as masked jews instigated a ruckus?]

The Samaria community of Yitzhar on Saturday night rejected a police report claiming that dozens of masked men attacked with stones and other items policemen who arrived to break up alleged clashes between residents of the community and Palestinian Arabs.

According to the Yitzhar town council, "During Shabbat, residents went out for a walk near Yitzhar. At the end of the walk, which ended without special incident, in contrast to the police announcement which asserted that clashes between Arabs and Jews took place, the residents headed back to the community.”

“During a stop to rest near the community, a Border Police force arrived and demanded that they evacuate the area and, without any justification, exerted harsh violence against them."

The town added, "Amid the inflamed feelings, an incident of shouts and verbal clashing developed. Instead of admitting their mistake, the police used disproportionate force on the residents, and thus inflamed the atmosphere.” One resident was injured in three places on his head, was evacuated for medical treatment.

I didn’t want to post a video, but because of some responses… Notice the amount of police and the interactions:

'Yanki is dejected, hurt and humiliated'
 'We are shocked.’ 
"What brought Yanki into a situation where he was cuffed and beaten - he did not do anything.”"

Baruch Rosenberg, the father of Yanki Rosenberg, the mentally disabled haredi youth who was arrested through use of excessive force on Wednesday in the Makor Baruch neighborhood of Jerusalem, described the situation in which his son now finds himself.

"Yanki is another person. He is dejected, hurt and humiliated. It's unbelievable, we know him as a happy person who deals with things. He told me, 'Dad, I got the blow of my life'," the father told Ha’olam Haboker on Channel 13.

"We already know that there are a few videos. In the first few days we couldn’t bring ourselves to see them," Rosenberg continued. "Yesterday I made a decision that I have to see. Since we do not have this media, I do not have access to it, so I didn’t see it yet. I am informed by people who saw it - and we are shocked."

"My second son told me, 'Dad, I know Yanki, he's a good soul and he really did not do anything - not just because I know him, but because you can see.' The video also shows that Yanki is a special child from his conduct. People around yelled, ‘Leave him alone, he's a special boy,’ Yanki also shouted, ‘I'm special’ - he uses that when he's in distress, even though he does not like it,” the father added.



Anonymous said...


you could see on these videos that a girl with long black hair in black jeans with tshirt targetet him and see her on all these videos.
Mamzera or arab??
And if zo, why???
Lack of MAGNESIUM, that happens when its too hot and people get crazy? to eat a lot of AVATIA HELPS!!!
Or a agenda to get done civil war and neutralize our TORAH observance?
Or just the other side freakin out, knowing they have no olam haba?
Any suggestions???

Neshama said...

Orna, I think she’s an “undercover”, see the walkie-talkie (whatever they wear) attached to her back.

For readers: the AVITIA she mentions is watermelon, ‘avitiac'.

Anonymous said...

Agree with both two above comments. Also, am pretty sure that their hatred and might even be given orders by superiors to act in this animalistic way because the end game is to rid the Land of, c'v, the Orthodox Jews, how much moreso, the ultra Orthodox. These incidents have to be publicized all the time until the public will scream out, 'this is a supposed democracy, not a dictatorship' and maybe then it will gain world attention and there will be no choice, but to change the whole infrastructure of the police force in the Land. Otherwise, it's outrageous and obscene that this should be happening by Jews in the Land of Israel. H' yerachem!

Lisa said...

i'm not a hassid, but to me...this looks like racisim. secular authorities abusing their positions. all of these soldiers/police need to be disciplined/fired. this special man needs an apology in the utmost respect...to help him to heal emotionaly.

Mr. Cohen said...