19 May 2019

And You Think This is Your Ordinary Outbreak?

'Why Wouldn't we Vaccinate our Children?’
Everyone Vaccinated Getting the Measles?
[what happened to all those vaccinated in last year’s scare?
why mainly in certain countries, like Israel, New York, and the Ukraine with large Jewish populations]

Vaccines do not guarantee immunization against disease – because – they have a limited lifespan – because – of the need to re-vaccinate. This allows ‘ineffective’ (and spoiled) vaccines to be used; with hollow guarantees of safety. The flu vaccine does not prevent or even lessen the flu. Flu vaccinated people still got the flu. Healthy diet, lifestyle and cleanliness aid precautionary steps. Because of the intensified use of questionable vaccines over the past many years, people’s immune systems have been wounded and unable to provide the protection it was created for.

Hundreds of Haredim attend NY Symposium about Vaccines

Jews are being persecuted as disease carriers amid the outbreak of measles, a New York haredi Orthodox rabbi said at a symposium with leaders of the anti-vaccination movement attended by hundreds of haredim.

“We Hasidim have been chosen as the target,” said Rabbi Hillel Handler, a Holocaust survivor from Monsey, a Rockland County town with a large haredi population, according to The New York Times. “The campaign against us has been successful.”

The Centers for Disease Control has reported a total of 839 cases of measles in 23 states as of Monday, the highest number since 2000, when measles was considered eradicated. [fake news: they were never eradicated] The outbreak has been centered in New York City and state: The city alone has seen 498 confirmed cases since September, with a large number in Orthodox neighborhoods in Brooklyn. In the rest of New York state there have been 274 confirmed cases, according to official figures, with about 80 percent located in Rockland County.

The CDC pinned the resurgence on the unvaccinated and those who brought back measles from other countries. The outbreaks in Orthodox Jewish communities have been associated with travelers who carried the disease back from Israel and Ukraine, according to the CDC.

Among the speakers at the Monsey event on Monday were Dr. Andrew *Wakefield [who, by the way was framed because he caught on to something important that ruffled the wrong feathers], the British physician whose study linking measles vaccines with autism has been condemned, appearing via Skype; and pediatrician Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, who is regularly cited in pamphlets circulated in New York City that urge women not to get their children vaccinated, The Times reported.

Palevsky said failed vaccines are being given in the haredi communities.


“Is it possible that the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine that is somehow being given in this lot to communities in Williamsburg and Lakewood and Monsey, maybe in Borough Park, is it possible that these lots are bad?” he asked, referring to areas in New York and New Jersey with large haredi communities, The Times reported.

“It’s fascinating because we’re told how contagious the disease is, but somehow it’s centered in the Jewish community.”

[…] Despite institutional pressure, a strain of opposition to vaccines has persisted in haredi communities based on false claims that vaccines are ineffective at best and harmful at worst. Large families, close-knit communities and the complexity of timing immunizations for a family’s many young children also have contributed to the outbreak. [admittedly, for diseases in ‘undeveloped’ countries they may provide some protection]

The majority of Orthodox Jewish children are vaccinated, according to statistics issued by the New York state and New York City health departments. [if that is so why the outbreak] There is no religious reason not to be vaccinated. Prominent rabbis in New York have called on their followers to vaccinate their children. [such a shame that the advisers need to be advised]

Meanwhile, on Monday, the Yeshiva of Central Queens was ordered closed after failing to comply with a Health Department order to prevent unvaccinated students from coming to school. It is the ninth Orthodox Jewish school to be ordered closed over the measles epidemic but the first outside of Brooklyn.

On Tuesday, hundreds of New York parents against vaccinations rallied outside the state capitol in Albany calling on lawmakers to protect a state law that permits people not to vaccinate their children for religious reasons, The Associated Press reported. Some lawmakers have proposed eliminating the religious exemption in light of the current measles outbreak.

Reference: JPost

* Actually, Dr Wakefield discovered a link between gastrointestinal problems and autism. In fact, the gastrointestinal system is most affected and mostly addressed by those who treat their children NOT with conventional medicines, but with natural healthy diet and supplements. I believe he will be vindicated and and proven to have found something very important.

“The child had had the vaccine, had developed a very high fever, had started screaming, had then gone to sleep for days on end, and woken up never the same… A clear history of a disease process.” Dr. Andrew Wakefield describes the study that was published in The Lancet - later retracted - that looked at the MMR vaccine, children with autism and their gastrointestinal disease. Although not discussed in this video, Dr. Wakefield had found that the MMR combo vaccine contributed to the problems in autistic children, and he had recommended at the time that the MMR combo vaccine be administered separately. This sparked a worldwide concern about the MMR vaccine, a drop in vaccination, concern that the MMR vaccine causes autism, and ultimately a relentless attack on Dr. Wakefield that cost him his medical license and reputation because he questioned vaccine safety.

The Lancet Paper
www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(97)11096-0/abstract - RETRACTED: Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia, non-specific colitis, and pervasive developmental disorder in children


READ THIS: “A Shot in the Arm”

In response to Prof Anthony Luder’s letter urging compulsory vaccination (April 24), I would like to explain our stance as parents who love their children and thus choose not to vaccinate them. First, I have read extensively on this subject, which many of my vaccinating f friends have not.
Second, I personally know three families whose children have been seriously injured by vaccines. A well-known example is Yossi Samuels, the drummer of the “Shalva” bank, who became blind, deaf and neurologically impaired following an MMR vaccination at 11 months. The video of his mother telling his story is on youtube.
Thirdly, why would any vaccinated person be worried about contracting diseases from unvaccinated people, since s/he is vaccinated and thus protected? If the response is: there is a small percentage of the population who cannot be vaccinated (e.g. they are less than a year old or have weak immune systems due to chemotherapy), I would say: wouldn’t it be more logical for these individuals to stay home instead of expecting others to inject into their bodies foreign materials that contain preservatives and aluminum etc? [also tissue from aborted fetal …, monkey DNA, plus much more]
It does not make sense to me that we need these pharmaceuticals injected into us to be healthy. How can vaccinating – tampering with one’s immune system – be taken lightly in view of the recent great rise in auto-immune diseases, autism and cancer, which some doctors see as possibly linked to this?
Incidentally, the number of vaccines required for children is constantly on the rise, which raises additional questions as to whether more diseases are cropping up, or that the pharma companies have found a convenient way to boost profits. Billions of dollars are involved….
The brave renowned Israeli MD Dr Gil Yosef Shachar, has published his opinion on this subject, despite the “danger” this poses to his career. He invites any doctor who would like to discuss this issue with him to contact him at gil@rambam-medicine.org.il. (source: JPost, May 15 editorials)

About Yossi Samuels https://youtu.be/TKbN5d3qUTQ and https://youtu.be/5XdUC9kNsFc
and the story of Shalva – https://youtu.be/xN9JlwKIB_k [this is not just about one child, there are thousands that have been injured or gone]

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