30 May 2019

A Vindictive Liberman

Netanyahu didn’t fail to create a cabinet, this was sabotaged by a vindictive Liberman; his way of “getting back at Netanyahu” (and the religious) for doing the same to him when he was DM.

Straight after the vote, the prime minister laid the blame for the unnecessary election at the door of Israeli Beitenu leader Avigdor Lieberman, accusing him of willfully impeding the formation of a right-wing government coalition by the Wednesday midnight deadline. Lieberman, he said, had cheated his voters by aligning himself with the left. The Yisrael Beitenu leader held out to the end against giving the Netanyahu lineup of 60 a majority by adding the support of his 5 member-faction.”

I wrote this earlier today, and just now browsing arutz sheva, there is this article. Look how one man could cause so much dissension and financial hardship:

Deri: I couldn't imagine Liberman would not join right-wing government
Shas chairman and Interior Minister Aryeh Deri said Thursday afternoon said he did not believe that Avigdor Liberman would refuse to join a right-wing government until it happened.

"I feel obligated as head of the second largest movement, as someone who was deeply involved in the negotiations, to explain to the citizens what happened," Deri said.at the start of a Shas faction meeting.

"Netanyahu poured out his heart after the elections. He was very hurt and told me that he could not form a government because he knew that Liberman was determined not to let him establish it," he added.

"I thought I was hearing hallucinatory things. I told him he was wrong. This is the first time I felt extorted," the Shas chairman said. "We did not know that we had such an ideological opponent. I feel attacked and hurt. One man decided to drag Israel to elections because of hatred. It pains me."

Minister Deri stressed that even after the next elections, Shas will support Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. "As we proved in the last elections, whoever votes for Shas votes for Netanyahu and Shas. We will continue with the line and support Netanyahu and he is our only candidate.” arutzsheva


Anonymous said...

Liberman has always been a sort of a turncoat. He's considered as a right winger but he's just another politician who is out for himself. He cares nothing whatsoever about the Jewish way of life; he is anti-Torah in every regard and it was obvious from the start with him fighting against halachic marriage and now with his war against the chareidim and the draft, which is absurd. Is he really Jewish? Now, whatever happens, we pray it just brings Moshiach closer because we desperately need the Geulah.

Batya said...

Lieberman is awful and Bibi's response was on topic, perfect. Lieberman is a spoiler, not a worker.

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