14 May 2019

Saving Another Jewish Youth From Prejudicial Legal Posturing

Lawyers Say Forensic Evidence Shows Minor Accused of Killing Aisha Al-Rabi Is Innocent

Defense attorneys representing the Jewish minor accused of killing an Arab woman who was riding in her husband’s car near Tapuah junction on Tuesday called on the State Attorney’s Office to withdraw the claims against their client.

“During the hearing, we presented an opinion by Dr. Chen Kugel, head of the Institute of Forensic Medicine, according to which it was not appropriate to file the indictment in the first place, since the death of the deceased was not caused by a stone,” the attorneys said in a statement.

You can read the full report at the link above. 
However, below is a great comment about this entire case:

This article does not specify what the cause of death was, since the attorney claims the minor should not be charged with her murder in the first place. An obvious omission, so immediately realize you are being manipulated either by the writer or by government orders. Suspect an attack from the left or the right, with A plot twist at any time, usually with the intention of making the right wing look guilty. Stick to the truth, it is the safest, and the bigger picture, the Israeli globalist government can often find examples where they know the facts before they release them to the public that make right wingers and religious look bad, but they cannot change the fact that the vast majority of aggression is from arab muslims against Jews.

Other articles have said there were more than one type of DNA on the large stone that supposedly went through the window hitting the driver, causing her to get into an accident I assume. It wasn’t A logically satisfying article either. We do know that most of the Israeli government is controlled by leftists who do not mind railroading A Jew in order to promote their delusion of finally discovering how to make arabs live with Jews without A perpetual desire to kill and mass murder them. So, the Jewish elite can fit in with all the leftist americans and Europeans and imagine themselves the masters of the world and not the creator of the laws of race relations, economics and gravity. This cause is helped by telling muslims and leftists that they are right, Jews are just as violent as arab muslims, but unfortunately after tens of thousands of rock attacks and thousands of rocket attacks, the majority of Israelis are quite certain that muslims are far more aggressive than Jews and they would like something done about that.

The Israelis are not allowed to know the facts about how criminal the American and European leftists are, how they cover up crimes against Jews and gentiles in the thousands, but when Israelis learn about how immoral Trumps government in America is, how much they disregard the lives of the Jews of America and the gentiles they will be disgusted and outraged enough to stop caring what the americans and the Europeans are. That includes how dishonest and misrepresented Trump made America appear. First it will be necessary to identify and demand justice from Netanyahu and the likud, from the right wing that gives up this strategy of managing the situation with the consent of the west. Real trials, not about cigars and small deals over media manipulation with no evidence released to the public, and A considerable increase in the knowledge of the potential corruption of every single institution in Israel.

In G-d I trust.


Gavriela Dvorah said...

Excellent as always. Can you add a "share" button to your mobile site? I always want to share your profound postings but sadly cannot. Kol haKavod. B'sorot tovot.

Neshama said...

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