26 May 2019

Just a Thought

Just a thought. After the Yeshiva education scare in the NY metro area was stopped just prior to Pesach, not much has been written. However, if one notices, there has been a tremendous increase in Antisemitic attacks on Jews worldwide. If the education scare, the shechita scare, and the bris milah scare did not motivate Jews that are able, to emmigrate from their non-Jewisn lands, and immigrate to the Land upon which the eyes of the A-lmighty are constantly upon it, our yerusha from Mt Sinai, then the uptick in antisemitism intensifies.

Unfortunately I doubt it will get under control, the news reports are dreadful. It’s so sad to read what’s happening. And it’s very difficult for those within those areas under attack. They do not know what to do. And some do not have the finances to up and depart. The political and communal leaders need a drastic change of vision and understanding of what is taking place worldwide. They need to promote a change of location for their communities. Appeasement and financial incentives toward the governing bodies will not prevent the future. The local secutity forces will not be able to protect everyone. Each head of family must create a plan of action to protect their families. The same community heads must create a plan of action for the elderly and those physically not able to do this for themselves.

Funds should be raised to facilitate these procedures. Monies can be raised for all sorts of endeavors; to save a life is the highest, more so for many lives. Don’t wait for El Al to land for the rescue.

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Anonymous said...

well done!
Now i see your post Neshama, i have HOPE, that there is chance that my people outside will be saved!
Pray for the leaders to lead you HOME.
Pray that Hashem have MERCY and take you with YAD CHAZAKA OUT OF MITZRAIYM!
That's what HE said, right??
Hashem can do anything! If you believe :).
Shavuah tov!