26 May 2019

MUST LISTEN TO THIS: Total Bankruptcy Of Our Life And Society

Rego Park Anti-Semitism
It started years before Kristallnacht
One cannot rely on the police to help
Even with a President, the best friend of Israel
But those below him, in the government, are from the Obama administration

This shiur is from a month or so ago but to be published while he is not in the states.


Anonymous said...

Yes, perhaps some of what he speaks of is true.

But not all Christians are as how he says. He talks of Christians churches and the molestation of children there by priests.

I have read from and heard prominent Rabbis, speak of this molestation of young boys who go to study with so called 'pious' rabbis. Why does he not mention that...
all religions are known to do this to innocent children.. A lot is done in the Jewish community by rabbis, and even girls are attacked sexually. even one Jewish woman teacher who fled Australia, did this to her students..
Jews are not innocent.. And if USA is so bad.. why stay there: the reason they stay there is for the money.. money money... live there, use USA... and then talk about them.

This is not what Hashem wants from Jews, or anyone for that matter.

First look at yourselves.. this particular Rabbi is insulting and rude and this is not good.
He should take the speck out of his own eye... first.

Hashem help the world..
And i know you will not publish this comment... but Hashem knows all.

Neshama said...

Yes, I have published your comment. Obviously you are in denial. What happens in the secular world ends up affecting the Jews. Rabbi Mizrachi is blunt and challenging. That does not change the situation. He speaks to awaken the Jews to do Teshuva, as you say, repent for their sins and to return to Hashem. The ‘returning’ is to go away from sin and to come closer to observing the mitzvos and thus come closer to G-D.

We are living in a time of extreme satanic aggression, many many are infected; one must back away from all the social media outlets, withdraw from the social and cultural goings-on that promote multi-culturalism and gender confusion. It’s all wicked and evil. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but it’s evident.