05 May 2019

Rabbi Mizrachi – Our Sins Caused All of This to Us

This lecture may have been given previously, but under his new system of publishing 2 lectures a week, so that when he is away, the previous lectures will be shown. As noted, the Rabbi will be in China at a large grouping of Rabbis speaking, and thereafter he will be in Eretz Yisrael.

Even so, this lecture (published May 3) is very timely and relevant.

Everything around you that happens is a sign to do cheshbon nefesh

80 90% Religious people are ’sleeping’
They don’t understand, its now or never
If you don’t stop this liberalism
nothing will be left in one generation
will destroy your children
children in 20 years from now will know nothing
but gays and abomination, politics, hypocrisy,
no modesty and no nothing

The Rambam Perek Aleph-Gimmel

Its a mitzvah from the Torah
Scream from your heart
For the trouble that chokes
you have to blow the Trumpet
[If tragedy comes to the Nation (of Israel)
We have to investigate our actions]
blow the Shofar and scream to Hashem
[Lets figure out what we are doing wrong]
Everyone will know
Hashem is punishing them for our sins
now we are paying for it

"Your sins brought all of this to you"

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