28 February 2017

OFRA – Brave Jewish Neshomas

Look at these beautiful houses, a nice warm community Of Torah *Jews, now torn apart by eviction and destruction.

This is an odd photo: All the Blue Shirts (as opposed to Brown Shirts) reminds one of all those Blue States and their sick leftist ideology.

This is another strange photo. If you squint, it resembles the Nazis entering a town to do “their work."

What is this guy wearing on his hands? A strange type of glove. Does it inflict harm?

Our hearts have been pierced once again, first it was Amona and now Ofra. Maybe Rabbi Richter is correct in his assessments in this video:
Rav Richter on the Reasons Behind Amona.
)I first saw this on TomerDevorah: Expulsion From Amona.

The poor exiled Amona residents:

“How can you, Benjamin Netanyahu… continue to roam the lounges of the world when here at home the communities…of citizens who voted for you are erased,” challenged the activists, referring to the series of trips abroad the prime minister has taken this month. Amona leaders launch hunger strike in front of PM’s residence.

Are we next going to see exiled Ofra residents joining the exiled Amona residents on Rehov Aza protesting? How many more exiled Israelis will there be? Will there be enough room for them all to protest by the Prime Minister’s residence??


Mr. Cohen said...



Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Rav Richters shuir on :THe reasons Behind AMona.
i thoroughly enjoyed hearing him, and he made so much sense.

Now i need to ask a question... if you can, please explain to me..

When at Mount Sinai, Hashem gave the Jews the 10 Commandments, they all said, (and it includes all Jews even those of today, so i have heard from Rabbis), so when they said: We will hear and we will do..

Now Rav Richter said good wise things.. and i agree with all he said, which is truth and makes sense..
Why then do the Jews not listen and stand and say: We have heard and we will do... '
Go do as Gd said, throw out all those non-Jews... except for those who keep the 7 commandemnts of Noah, (of which i am one... but alas not in Gd's land..)
so why.. why?
why not start doing... listen yes.. but start doing too.

Just wanting to know.
Thanks for reading Neshama.. if you wish to write me separately, you could ask Devorah of Shirat Devorah for my email..
Hashem bless you.


Neshama said...

It's an age old dilemma, Sc, your comment deserves a post in itself. I hope to give you a better reply soon.

Anonymous said...

Thank you kindly, Neshama...

I heard the 2nd part of the Rav's shuir, on the same topic.

And he actually was urging for the Chosen to stand up and do what has to be done.
I guess all need to get stronger in Emunah.. Its easy for me to say, i would.. but really if i got the chance.. i would i would do as the Rav says..
I hope i do not sound like i am being judgemental. Gd forbid.. i just care too much for Israel and for all of Am Israel..
Hashem strengthen His people in all ways. Amen and Amen.


Neshama said...

Being judgmental is being aware of the Emes, the truth. Saying the emes is not being judgmental. How’s that for a syllogism?

Myrtle Rising said...

Neshama, thanks so much for posting photos, especially of the town itself. It's too easy to think of these places as "outposts" consisting of aluminum shacks, and not as beautiful, deeply rooted, vibrant communities.

Not that I think any Jews should be kicked off from anywhere in Eretz Yisrael, regardless of how flimsy their living quarters...

Kol hakavod.

Anonymous said...

Yah, agreed.

Confession: I had to look up the meaning of
'syllogism '

and then when i did.. ... i agree

still learning. so much to learn...

Never too late....
thanks again. :-)