23 February 2017


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Posted on February 23, 2017 by dvorahrw
Meir Ettinger has been served with a new administrative order, two months before the existing one is due to expire. Now they have added to the order that he is forbidden from teaching Torah. This outrage cannot continue. Please share this post and we must organize a chain of outrage that reaches to the highest levels of this government.

רכז השב"כ איים: "אל תעביר שיעורי תורה"

איש שב"כ הביא למאיר אטינגר צו מנהלי נוסף ואיים עליו
כעשרה חודשים לאחר ששוחרר ממעצר מנהלי וכחודשיים לאחר שהסתיים צו מנהלי-דרקוני שאסר עליו ליצור קשר עם עשרות מחבריו, הגיע נציג שב"כ אל מאיר אטינגר והביא לו צו מנהלי נוסף.

הצו המנהלי החדש אוסר על אטינגר ליצור קשר עם 96 מחבריו, ביניהם גם קרוב משפחתו.

"אחרי חודשיים של חירות יחסית, אתמול התקבל צו הגבלה מנהלי חדש", פרסם אטיגר בטוויטר שלו. "לביקור הצטרף 'עידו' - רכז השב"כ ל'שיחת' איומים. נחשו מה מפריע לעידו...".

בשיחה עם הקול היהודי מפרט אטינגר, כי רכז השב"כ המכונה 'עידו' פתח עימו ב"שיחת איומים" במהלכה מאר לאטינגר כי עליו לחדול משיעורי תורה אותם הוא מעביר וכן עליו לחדול מלהשתתף בהתוועדויות חסידיות. "הוא אמר שאם אני אמשיך להעביר שיעורים והתוועדויות יאריכו לי את ההרחקה מיו"ש".

כנגד אטינגר עומד עדין צו מנהלי האוסר עליו להיכנס לשטחי יהודה ושומרון.

תגיות: מאיר אטינגר, צו מנהלי
עוד בנושא

This is his post from February 19. Maybe this disturbed someone in power. As usual I cannot understand the Ivrit, but if you can, give me a synopsis in the comments. Thank you.

Thanks to we now have an English translation:

"Here the Kol Hayehudi article in English:
(Since it's my translation, any errors are also mine.)

A Shabak [Israel’s internal security agency; similar to the FBI] agent brought yet another administrative order to Meir Ettinger and threatened him.

Ten months after he was released from internment and two months after a draconian administrative order prohibiting him from contacting dozens of his friends, the Shabak agent came to Meir Ettinger and brought him yet another administrative order.

This new administrative order forbids Ettinger from making contact with 96 of his friends—including a relative.

“After two months of relative freedom, I received a new administrative restraining order yesterday,” Ettinger tweeted from his Twitter account. “'Ido’—a Shabak agent—also came along for the intimidation 'conversation.’ Guess what’s bothering Ido...”

In a talk with Kol Hayehudi, Ettinger explained that the Shabak agent known as “Ido” initiated an “intimidation conversation” with him, during which he warned Ettinger to put a stop to the Torah lectures he gives and that he must also desist from the Chassidic farbrengens in which he participates. [Ettinger continued to explain:] “He said if I will continue to teach classes and participate in farbrengens, they will extend the ban keeping me out of Judea (Yehudah) and Shomron (Samaria).”

An administrative order currently stands against Ettinger, prohibiting him from entering Judea (Yehudah) and Shomron (Samaria).

*Farbrengen is a Chabad/Lubavitch tradition in which like-minded people gather together to inspire each other toward spiritual advancement. (In Hebrew, a farbrengen is called a hitva’adut.)

Chassidic melodies are sung, Torah and Chassidus are discussed within in the context of personal character development. Participants are supposed to discuss and pinpoint character flaws along with suggestions for improvement.
Apparently, people improving their character and working on their middot are of great concern to Israel’s security.
ISIS enthusiasts working on their Jihad are, of course, far less threatening. ;)


Myrtle Rising said...

Neshama, thanks so much for taking the thought and effort to bring this to my (and all of our) attention.

Tizki l'mitzvot.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

The Powers that be here are frightened of this young man who looks like he could slay a giant with his slingshot. Now let us all put on our thinking caps and wonder why..... The hint is is the first sentence of this Comment.

Ask yourself. Who is supposed to teach Torah to Klal Yisrael's minions and minyanim BEFORE Mashiach reveals himself or is revealed by Eliyahu HaNavi??

Anonymous said...

If Jews in Israel truly want change, then they have to publicize what it means to be a religious Jew in Israel. Secondly, promulgate what liberal Jews like those that run your court system and are the de facto head of your government are about too. It is not good to think that this is loshan hara when you suffer from their sick, self hating ways. You must overturn everyone of them through fair elections, like Trump was elected here in the USA. You must become a solid base, and elect together a modern orthodox leader and rid yourselves of these corrupt judges in your courts. Do you feel that the reason you can't even move your lips , at the har habayis is due to the Arabs, or some other enemy. The enemy is in your midst, and always has been! Unite!

Merkaz Yehadut said...

Opposite of Jewish. Shame on you shabak and state of Israel. You are Amalek.