26 February 2017

Nibiru Moving like Clockwork – And Other Amazing Sightings

Nibiru Moving Like Clockwork [. . .] Closest Flyby so far. . .Every 200 Days

These are stills from a video showing the huge orange/red Object traveling in its orbit (I believe it was taken in Germany):

These are stills from a video showing an electric charge being emitted between TWO of those OBJECTS CLOSE TO EACH OTHER:

This is a video of "ALERT SIGN THE NIGHT THAT TURNED DAY IN GOIANIA” (google translation from spanish to english). I believe its in Brazil.

Something Weird is Happening Worldwide: 
You know this is all NOT NORMAL. 
My estimation is that our Earth is responding to those “Ecliptic Seven” in our Solar System getting closer and closer.

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