02 February 2017


Today's front page glaring picture and headline
By the way the photo does not support the headline,
but videos do. Videos of police violence.

Punches in the eye and knees to the teeth’
Evacuee from Nizri home reports extreme police violence during evacuation. 

"I sat in the corner of the living room, near the family. The moment they came to expel us I sat on the floor with another young man, we linked arms, and suddenly five of them charged us - one stood over me, stamped on my hands, punching me in the eye and kneeing my teeth without blinking, pulling my nose straight up without my having done anything - I didn't move at all."

"They just started hitting. My eye swelled up, all the bones in my entire jaw are still sore, they shoved us into a wall while no-one was looking. Two of us, five cops on us, beating the [daylights] out of us”.

"Do what you must, lift us, that's your right, but who asked you to beat us up to separate us? Beating, punching, right in the eye, without blinking at all."

According to Elazar they were intended to be painful blows, "They twisted my fingers, and besides that it was mainly blows to the face but also to the hands and fingers.”

Honeinu says "complaints about police violence continue to flow in". Extreme police violence on the buses is being reported, where police confiscated all phones and photographic equipment and then proceeded to beat people.

Moalem-Refaeli: Investigate police conduct

MK demands comprehensive investigation into Amona, urges police brutality sufferers to file Police Investigations Division complaint.

“[…] in places where there was no communication or where they ordered the photographers to leave, there were complaints of violence by police officers," says Moalem-Refaeli and continues, "At the Nizri home - where I spent many hours - most of the time a painful expulsion was conducted accompanied by passive resistance and people being dragged out. At times, things got out of hand and excessive force was used, including against family members, requiring me to intervene by shouting and demanding a break. Things calmed down only after my talk with the senior officers."

She said, "Throughout the day I received reports of police brutality on buses and total lack of separation between families who were expelled from their homes and others, causing parents and children of families who were expelled being sent in buses to Tel Aviv instead of alighting at the seminary in Ofra.

"I call on the police to carry out a thorough investigation as always and at the same time I appeal to all those who have been attacked: Go and complain to the Police Investigations Division . The fact that police conduct was better than at previous expulsions does not justify those cases of severe violence, and citizens who came to democratically protest must not remain silent," says Moalem-Refaeli.

Violent confrontations took place in Amona synagogue as police expel barricaded youth.

MK likens Amona outpost evacuation to ‘brutal rape’ 
Lawmaker, women’s rights leader flail Bezalel Smotrich for saying removal of settlers is ‘judicial tyranny that is raping us’

Shmotrich: “The government is forced to do something awful and terrible, that hurts the way it does when something terrible happens,” Smotrich told Channel 2 television. “When a woman is raped it hurts, and what is happening here is a brutal rape.”

“This is judicial tyranny that is raping us, raping the government, raping elected officials, raping those who received a mandate from the people. We want to build the settlement enterprise, to develop it.”

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