23 February 2017

Parshas Mishpatim – Divine Rules Of A Perfect God

Divine Rules Of A Perfect God

This parsha speaks about the Torah Laws; Judges. 
Very interesting, in the news today was: 
"Shaked: Next project –
After three conservative judges appointed to High Court, Justice Minister Shaked clarifies next undertaking: to appoint haredi Supreme Court judge"

(this is an example of seeing within the Parsha a connection to what is happening in the same week)

The Sanhedrin: All 71 Rabbis need to know all the 70 languages

The Law of the Land:  In each country when they designed their Constitution, the main object was to defend society from the criminals, i.e. to protect their citizens.

The Law of the Torah: Also to protect citizens from criminals; plus to protect the criminal. Midda kneged Midda.

And much, much more.

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