06 February 2017



A Taste of Anti-Semitism and BDS rolled into one:

 "'Based on the brand’s performance, we’ve decided not to buy it for this season,' the spokesperson said."
"Ivanka Trump converted to Judaism before marrying Kushner in 2010."

"At Neiman Marcus, another high-end chain, the Ivanka Trump line of jewelry items was pulled from at least one store, Racked reported. Ivanka Trump products, which were displayed Thursday on the chain’s website, were no longer accessible Friday. Racked was not immediately able to reach Neiman Marcus for a reaction on the status of Ivanka Trump products with the chain.”

Anti-Trump activists Shannon Coulter and Sue Atencio started the campaign under the headline “Grab Your Wallet”.

BDS and Anti-Semitism Rolled into Grab your Wallets and Boycott These Companies

Here’s what these Nasties advise people to say: "Sample of what to say: "Hi. I’m a customer of [Store Name]. Unfortunately I can no longer do business with your company because it does business with the Trump family. If your company were to no longer do business with the Trump family I would enthusiastically return as a customer. Please communicate my feedback to management.”

Nordstrom Article Source: JPost


And More Anti-Semitism:

Jewish woman shoved, called ‘dirty Jew’ on NY subway. (TimesofIsrael)

Article from NY Daily News: Anti-Semitic man screams pro-Hitler message, calls woman 'dirty Jew' on C train. "A Jewish woman was mocked and shoved on a Manhattan train by a raging anti-Semite with a German accent, police sources said Thursday.

'Hail the Hitler Youth!' the suspect ranted, reading aloud from an anti-Semitic pamphlet aboard the C train as soon as he got on at the W. 23rd St. station about 8:30 p.m. Monday, sources said. The suspect then got into the 25-year-old victim’s face, called her 'Dirty Jew,' and shoved her.”

And [. . .] a swastika found etched in a subway window at a station in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood [me: is not an unrelated incident as the Times of Israel wrote].


Anonymous said...

Here's "A Solution for Anti-Semitism":

Heshvangrl said...

I have been hunting for jobs for months and applied in different stores..one was this Nordstorm..and after what they did to Ivanka..i'm glad to haven't get a call from them..and if they place me for interview I'll walk away.