02 February 2017


You’re Fired!*
Posted on January 31, 2017 by tonyheller
“That’s the good thing about being president, I can do whatever I want.”
Barack Obama Feb 10, 2014

Shortly after taking office, President Reagan fired the air traffic controllers.

That same day, Jerry Brown announced he would arrest protesters who break the law

Source: Deplorable Science
Lies and Misinformation – Fake News Continues:

*Yates was Fired for Insubordination
It is a very simple proposition. Our Constitution vests all executive power — not some of it, all of it — in the president of the United States. Executive-branch officials do not have their own power. They are delegated by the president to execute his power. If they object to the president’s policies, their choice is clear: salute and enforce the president’s directives, or honorably resign. There is no third way. No one knows this better than high-ranking officials of the Department of Justice. That is why President Trump was right to fire Acting Attorney General Sally Yates.

This “copycat” is one to emulate: 

 MK @bezalelsm suggests Justice Minister @Ayelet__Shaked emulate Trump and fire the Attorney General for saying he won't defend outpost bill!
[as seen at Raoul Wootliff Verified (twitter)account@RaoulWootliff]
ME: This would solve a whole lot of problems in the government right now!

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