01 February 2017

END of ZIONISM – 5777 Amona–UPDATE

End of Zionism
New Video from Rabbi Glazerson on Amona

UPDATE: Commenter says:

"To those who are evicted from their homes:

"Immorality is not the word - it is beyond contempt for the state in all its forms to act in such an immoral and unethical way - obviously against the Halacha.

"It is suggested that the soon to be displaced residents be offered the use of the two PM private homes that stand empty - one in Rechov Aza in Jerusalem and the other in Caesarea.

"Perhaps they can squat in the unused Jerusalem Dan Pearl Hotel adjacent to the Mamilla Mall in Jerusalem at the end of Rechov Jaffa facing Kikar Zhal - this would clearly give a public message to the government because the public would be alerted as well as the media.”


Thank You Meir from endofdays: Says Rabbi Glazeron that Nir ben Artzi can be found in the Torah by Torah Codes and that he is a Seer. [Me: This is what I have thought about him, despite the negative comments.]

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